x1800 sound is glitching heavily - any advice?

I have had the x1800 since December 2018 and overall have been happy with it, however I’ve encountered some issues recently that are serious.

Out of nowhere the mixer just makes these grinding sounds and the audio coming through has severe crackle and digital distortion on the signal.

I should also add that these problems did surface late last year but then went away for some reason, until now.

I am suspicious that the problems started when I used the DVS with Serato, combining with vinyl as well as part of a DJ mix, but I really have no idea. I have the most recent Firmware update as well, 1.3.

For some reason DENON’s forum doesn’t allow new uses to upload attachments, so I cannot provide the video examples I was planning to for the forum… what is the sense of that policy?

Any advice would be very appreciated!

thanks Alister

Hello @alisterj Welcome to the forum. Send the video to some hosting service and paste here a link to it. We will try our best here to help.

hey NoiseRiser - thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately these forums ALSO do not allow new users to put links in posts.

How are we supposed to get anywhere… is there an admin who can help with this?

Hi @alisterj, welcome to the forum.

This has to do with forum activity. I also needed to approve your first post.

You seem to have the member status now, so it should be possible to post a link (or better yet, add link to an already made posts). It could be that Dropbox is blocked; try WeTransfer or Google Drive instead.

hey Reese, thank you for the clarification!

ok, here are two short clips

I think this might be an internal grounding issue that affects the analog paths. Could you do a test using digital connections to see if you hear the same?

Ultimately, I don’t think we could be very helpful here. I would like to suggest to contact global support: www.denondj.com/support

Sounds like the same issue I had with mine. You should contact the service department for a repair.

I believe they are replacing the Audio out PCB in mine

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

unfortunately it was also to me last 2 years. Here in South Korea, I have received replacement service by Samick but after 1 year, same problem occurred at 2019 early winter and to now. That was so horrible in my djing at outdoor scene like festival, party and other outdoor situations. At this time, my x1800 is in my room like the Sleeping Beauty.

To Someone at Denon DJ, please speak to Samick that problem and contact me by Email (djtama.jh@gmail.com) or call by a phone (+82-10-4279-0413).

Thank you from DJ TAMA in Korea.

Wow. Now that’s scary.

Are you saying that after the service fix the issue is back again?

Yes,sure mufasa. I guess that it was not issued at first replacement in short time. but after 1 year(spring-summer-fall-winter) that occured again. Is it cold soldering problem? I think so because two x1800 has exactly same issue.

Definitely the grounding issue that has happened to me too. You have 2 options. First I would contact support like others have said. They replaced my X1800 lickity split. Second, you can fix it but you have to get inside and connect a grounding wire to the middle 3 posts, which ground the electronics to the case. I would contact support as that is a known hardware issue.