X1800 Prime headphone jack glitch

So when i started playing with my setup this morning i noticed that the headphone jacks doesn’t work, neither of them. It was working fine yesterday. At first i thought it was my headphones, since one of them is pretty old i thought it was the cord, so i soldered the cable to a new phone jack but noticed that i could still only hear sound from one ear, so i tried another set of headphones, same problem.

Both the 3.5 mm jack and the 6.35 jack, when plugging in the headphones all the way down i can only hear in the right ear, and when pulling it out slightly i get sound in only the left ear. I have tried both jacks, i have tried three different headphones, both 3.5mm and 6.35mm headphones. Same problem on all of them. (i do not have split que activated)

Video proof: https://youtu.be/1iDqYQHfBO4 (the video is upside down unfortunately)

Has this been a problem for anyone else? Is it a known problem? Any solutions or do i have to send this unit back as well?

Side note: Add this to the fact that one of my SC5000M’s was completely dead on delivery so i had to send it back to the retailer, and now this problem with the X1800 mixer kind of makes me question what sort of crap build quality Denons products have? Will problems like this keep popping up? If so i question what will happen when my warranty runs out in two years? Will i have wasted 4000€ for products that break out of nowhere? I am honestly getting tired of this.

EDIT: And now the headphone jack is working again…

What does Denon suggest? Sending it back in case there is something wrong with the unit or wait and see if the issue returns?

As i said i just got the unit and i have a 2 year warranty…

Split cue? I just checked mine out and works as it should

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That’s not looking good.

Both jacks seem to show similar problem and while it’s probably the same internal chassis, could you check the split cue selector if it’s really set to OFF? (cannot really tell due to some shadowing in the video).

Split que is set to off.

However i just wrote an edit of the original post (i couldn’t write a new comment before anyone else participated in the thread?) @Reese lets see if i can respond here instead.

“And now the headphone jack is working again… What does Denon suggest? Sending it back in case there is something wrong with the unit or wait and see if the issue returns? As i said i just got the unit and i have a 2 year warranty…”

I did a factory reset of the X1800, but it seemed like a hardware issue? And i tried wiggling the headphone socket, both the 3.5mm and the 6.35, both are working now. I tried plugging it out and in again using the same headphones as last time, i did that a couple of times and there is no glitch.

This is so weird.

Just keep testing and sorry to say, perhaps return to reseller (again)…

I cannot explain why this all happens. There seem to be some kind of curse on your hardware. I can honestly say, apart from the buggy start 2 years ago, that the hardware has been solid.

I’d hate to return the mixer too, but i will be keeping an eye on it. I am hoping all of these issues are due to the retailer or delivery service throwing the stuff around and not the build quality. I really want to like the Denons because they have more features than the competitors.

And yeah things like this is just my luck, heck! I hope you can understand why i am frustrated now at least.

But you said that Denon have accepted returns directly to them if there were serious hardware issues with the gear? Meaning even if the retailers warranty runs out? If so i can be a bit more at ease.

Let’s wait for a staff member to chip in. Perhaps they can solve this directly with a support rep in Sweden (don’t know where you bought them initially?).


Like I said earlier, I had similar frustration. Took an SC out of the box. Connected. Screen error…DOA.

We all want to help here, but it’s still a forum so we have limited options to replace hardware. :wink:

Bought the setup from gear4music.se, but they send their shipments from the UK apparently.

Hopefully i could send items directly to a support rep in Sweden should any other (non preventable) issues arise. Its just “not fun” having to wait for like 3 weeks for returns and delivery to the UK.

Cheers for the replies and tagging the support rep.

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Yeah that’s always difficult with online retailers, but direct RMA would also be going to Germany.

(JWILL is the product marketing manager btw :wink: )

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The above communication makes me so happy :grinning: (You know what I talk about)


Nothing as nerve-racking working with a tool you have doubts about.

You can return it for a replacement or to have it looked at, best to do it now than when its long in the tooth.

Good Luck




Fun fact

Today is the first day I have plugged in headphones into the X1800 lol (owned it for about a year now), this is due to the fact that i use whats provided at venues or bring a controller.

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Ok, the headphone jack is still broken.

When i use channel 1 i can hear the sound just fine, loud and clear in both left and right headphone, however when i’m using channel 2 i can only hear sound in the right ear, and when i wiggle the plug around there is the same kind of static as in the video, the sound cuts off, but now the left ear is completely silent now even if i pull the plug halfway up. This goes for both the small and the big headphone jack.

If you look at the clip i uploaded in the original post i was using channel 1. Which means i can’t seem to reproduce the same error as before, either way there must be something wrong with the hardware.

I guess I’m going to have to send the mixer back tomorrow after all…

Wait for JWILL. Perhaps you can exchange the unit somewhere.

Yes hopefully, that would mean i could still use my one functioning SC5000M until i wait for the return of the other one.

@JWiLL, this is the closest retailer i could find on your website. https://i.imgur.com/operczw.png Would it be possible for me to exchange my X1800 there so i don’t have to wait for so long to get a replacement from “gear4music.se” in the UK?

EDIT: no, scratch that. I noticed that there is a shop in Norway that is actually closer to me, lol. https://i.imgur.com/f8Kt5sy.png, would save me a lot of gas if i could go there instead. If it is at all possible?

As warranty’s are only usually only valid in the country where the item was purchased, and invalid elsewhere, you’ll need to send it to the retailer who exported it to you or Denon UK.

Sending it back to a retailer in a different country would simply be like getting the thing repaired with no warranty.

Something as simple as a headphone socket is something a local hifi shop might fix for you for cheap but I’d send it back to the warranty country

Grey importing has always had this warranty issue. I had a dead on arrival laptop and had to send it back to the store in America that I ordered it from . There’s just no savings to be made on imports now

Anything can go wrong and hell, international shipping has so many more interim carriers who can all kick stuff around

One last question before i send it back today, can it be entirely ruled out that there isn’t some weird setting i enabled?

Because if i enable split que and shift between left and right split que in the settings i get sound from both the left and right ear respectively (i.e not at the same time, i can shift between them) when listening to channel 2, however if the split que is set to the right ear, and i pull the plug halfway up the sound shifts to the left ear.

And as i wrote last time, disabling split que gives me full sound on both left and right ear simultaneously on channel 1, but only on the right ear on channel 2.

Could the AUX to channel 2 have a fault? Just some crazy theory…

EDIT: I ment the RCA :joy:

Split cue is a mixer wide setting, not per channel, so that would surprise me.

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Crazy solutions :wink:

  1. Factory Reset Mixer

  2. Check RCA cable

  3. Swap decks to other channels and see

  4. Plug in something else into your line/rca


I found the problem, it was the RCA cable, wiggling it around caused glitching. Using another RCA cable fixed the problem. I feel stupid that i didn’t think about that. -_-

Thanks for the suggestion!