X1800 Possible Network Hub issues

I received my new X1800 today and I pulled it out of the box and i hooked up my 2-SC5000 using the built in network hub. I inserted a USB 3.0 stick into the front port and the connectivity seems to very poor. I’m getting drop outs, load times are 20-30 seconds for each song, some songs don’t even load. i tried other USB ports and network ports on the x1800 mixer. my USB stick has about 11,000 songs.

Heres the kicker, when i use my pioneer DJM 900 mixer i network the 2 SC5000’s and i have no connectivity issues. therefore i think the problem may lie with the X1800 network hub.

Anyone else having issues?

The front port is USB 2.0

The rear ports are for USB 3.0 devices.

It might be worth trying your USB 3 device in the rear ports.

please try to test it with a USB stick with only 100 songs and see if you experience the same issues.

There are multiple posts on large collection sharing between players.

The fact that you don’t have isseus when the players are directly linked is strange.

Another reason it was foolish to skimp on the front port. All three should have been 3.0! If you’re going to push things forward, it should be across the board, no?

Why make the same mistakes That some laptop makers did!?

Some laptops came out with all usb3 ports and no usb2 ports and many people couldn’t use peripherals and memory storage which they’d been able to use in usb2.

Backwards compatibility of usb2/3 is quirky on some external devices (their fault, not the ports fault)

Where I would agree with you to a certain point is the placement of the USB 2.0 port on the Prime. I’d have voted for the rear sockets to be one usb2 and one usb3, then the front port a usb3


Assuming that most DJ’s will utilize the front port (why go mess about the back of things with cables and stuff), I think the choice of having a USB2.0 there does make sense to me. Not all DJs use 3.0 usb-sticks (for the precise compatibility reasons you mention).

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100% agree with everything stated by @Ms_DayZee. In addition, the inclusion of the usb extension cable in the packaging means you can have it readied in the 3.0 slot so that DJ’s can simply plug in without needing to mess around with the back of the unit. :beers:

I can’t bear the slow transfer speed of 2.0 so i wonder if people still use 2.0 storage devices.

a 32GB USB 3.0 flash drive is 15-20 euros tops.

4TB USB 3.0 portable drives max 150euros. Seagate expansion/backup has one for 110euros.

Are folks still using a portable external HD thats USB 2.0 still or they still being made?

USB 2.0 port should have been at the rear of the unit rather than in front if at all it was necessary to include one.

That, or indeed the more direct “I want the USB 2 Port on the back” is really more of a personal taste thing than a “The port must not go anywhere else”.

Perhaps putting two USB ports on the front … Both labelled in HUGE letters, USB 2 and USB 3 would make people think about what device they’re using …yer know … get them thinking [I wonder if I should plug my USB 3 device into that hole marked USB 2…or in the hole marked USB 3 ?]

I’m not having no dig at you Mufasa - really not. I just think that unless every gear maker is happy to wear Apple Corp, Blinkers - shielding themselves from the real world, then I think that we’ll be seeing devices with both usb 2 and usb 3 holes on them for years to come.

With the extender cable supplied with the SC5000, and longer extenders available elsewhere, then the whole front/back thing doesn’t really matter too much.

I started off with a USB 3.0 stick with over 11,000 songs (MP3)… Once i scaled it down to 6000 songs , the issues went away…

Most USB 3.0 drives I own are backwards compatible with 2.0 anyways.

The Rane SL1 was USB 1.1 and still works well with Scratch Live.