X1800 one of Channel Cue buttons always blue?

Hi everyone, my first post here - I have run into this weird problem, hoping for some advice!

I’ve got the x1800 + 2x sc5000.

There are four channel cue buttons on the x1800. Three of them show the colour that I assigned to them in sc5000 settings. One of them (channel 3) doesn’t change colour - it is just always blue, whatever I colour I set it to be. This is not due to LAN cable not being attached - i checked this. (The lan cables are connected to that I get a B-A-A-B layout, so using ports 2 and 3, but the same problem occurs no matter which layout I test.) It is also not due to some ‘miscommunication’ between x1800 channel 3 and the sc5000 that is connected to it. I know this, because it doesn’t matter whether my right or left player i connected to channel 3 - in either case the LED is always blue.

On start up, channel cue buttons flash white, so I know this button can be white or blue, but I would like it to be whichever colour I desire.

Is it possible that the LED stopped working? Looking forward to suggestions!

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Forget your players and your cables, go in to the mixer’s utility and there is an option to change the color for each of the cue buttons. This will tell you if the LED is good or bad.

Depending on what you find, I would then take it from there.

I had my mixer and one of the players in my living room for a while and finally took it back down to the basement where the rest of my setup was and when I connected the whole thing together, I had issues with the mixer picking up the colors also. When I double checked everything and started scratching my head not knowing what was wrong, I decided to set the colors where I wanted them on the players, and then I rebooted all three units. When they came back on line, all was fine.

hope this helps you a bit…


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Hi Shain, thanks for this tip! Indeed, when I use the utility, I can change the LED colour. So what is the source of this problem? It seems like the channel 3 cue button colour cannot be controlled by sc5000s, but can be controlled by the x1800. How is that possible? As I said, this is LAN cable-independent and also sc5000 player-independent, because swapping the players (with their respective cables) did not change the situation.


Have you tried resetting the players to default settings, resetting the X1800 to default, and specifically also resetting the cue led settings in the X1800 utility? Then also try toggling that headphone Engine button thing.

Hi, after some more tests I have noticed some more problems - also related to channel 3, and I hijacked someone else’s topic (who has the same problems).

To answer your questions:

  1. resetting cue led settings doesn’t change anything - I can set them to different colour, and channel 3 colour still remains frozen, just not on blue but whatever colour I set it to be (unless you mean something else than just changing the led colour in the mixer utilities?)
  2. resetting te x1800 doesn’t help
  3. resetting the players doesn’t help. Plus, I am quite sure the problem is player independent, as it is always the channel 3 that is affected, no matter which player (or which layer - A or B) is going to this channel
  4. Engine Conect button enabling/disabling does not help
  5. this button occasionally blinks in all possible colours - as if for a moment a connection was restored - which makes me thing some cables are lose somewhere inside

The second problem I noticed is that the mixer is unable to read BPM of channel 3. Engine Connect reads well bpm of the other three channels, but not ch3. When the FX knob is set to ch3, the engine connect icon on the oled screen is replaced with AUTO, and suddenly the mixer cannot read the bpm from this channel. This is cable, player and layer independent. This is actually more annoying than the Cue button colour issue, as it affects the sound - the effects need the bpm to be read correctly…

I have found another user with nearly identical problems, so I think these two observations (cue button not connected to the player, ch3 nor reading bpm) are a manifestation of a single underlying problem. I decided to send the mixer back to the seller. Although this is not a huge problem, I am concerned that there is something more serious happening underneath, which will shorten the life of this otherwise great piece of equipment. Given that it costed quite a lot, I just want it in a perfect condition. In fact, my plan for the weekend is to document this problem well, so the seller don’t get back to me saying that there’s noting wrong with the mixer.

so, how the situation resolved itself: https://denondjforum.com/t/two-issues-with-my-x1800/12015/33?u=veebee