X1800 mixer sound comes on after 5 minutes fault

The problem is as if the mixer needs a warm up period before it will put through sound.

the amount of “dead air” time seems to vary from 2 - 10 minutes

i have reinstalled the latest firmware again but the issue persists. The mixer is as new and has been used only a few times never left the house with under 3 hours of use approimatley

the action happens in the video @ 7:20 - and in this example it took the mixer about 8 minutes to function, intesting after this period the mixer seems to work fine even when its switched off. But in the morning its back to square one.

any help would be greatly appriciated

Seems like a soldering contact that eventually works after a bit or warmth.

Is everything analog or digitally connected?

Mine had an analog problem 2 years ago. I think it was a grounding issue and got an RMA.

its all analog, its only 2 months old and i’ve barely had time to use it. DJ TECH direct here in the uk will do the right thing and swap it.

Right move. I also got a new one at the time.

i mean i hope they will

I would get it changed mate; that’s not normal at all.

Also in the meantime, I noticed in the video you reset the decks too, you don’t need to do that, don’t risk corrupting your drive plugged in to the deck(s); resetting the mixer alone should be fine.

Hope you get it sorted out quickly and painlessly.