X1800 mixer is wobbly


Just pulled my new X1800 out of the box and set it up on a flat table top. The lower right rubber pad is about 1/8th inch off the table surface at rest. Every time I hit the FX button, the entire mixer wobbles. I assume this isn’t normal, so should I send it back to the merchant for an exchange?



That’s a first :thinking:

Yes, sending it in for an exchange would probably be the fastest way to get it resolved.


You sure it’s not just the table? If it is just the pad, a replacement pad would work. Most of my mixers and digital decks from many brands don’t lay perfectly flat on most of my tables. I put business cards or a post-it note under the feet that need it. If you really think the mixer is misshapen, then certainly exchange or service.


Couple things you can do: -Double check on the floor just to make sure it isn’t the table -you might be able to pull the pad down to line up with the rest of them -if all else fails, you can contact either technical support or the shop you purchased it from for a replacement part