X1800 mixer internal buzzing and sound distortion

Hi there

I’ve had a wedding gig recently, it’s the first in a long time due to covid. When I powered on my X1800 mixer a buzzing sound can be heard from inside the mixer and there was no sound output at all, I’ve restarted it a couple of times and some sound was coming through but it was stuttering, after some time it worked like always. Fast forward to the middle of the wedding at dinner time the volume fader was about 50% up and some distortion could be heard but not at full volume.

This is the first time this has happened, I’ve tested the mixer before (1.5 update) and after the wedding and it worked with no problems at all, not even a single buzz or sound distortion. I don’t know if the electricity was bad and caused all this or there is a problem with my mixer.

How can I further test this issue and know for sure what’s wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Hi mate,

This is a known issue of the X1800. You can find many threads of this fault on the forum. Is the mixer still covered by warranty, send it to Denon Service in your country.

Have a look here:

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@TheHrdRebel Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately no, the warranty expired in June 2020. There is no Denon Service that I’m aware of in my country, all I could find is some Denon DJ dealers, I don’t know if they can do the repair there too. I live in Palestine and the closest dealer is located in Israel 22.2 miles away from me, we’re about to go into lockdown soon so I need to act fast.

Can any Denon DJ staff give me some more info about this, please?

Good luck. The same thing happened to mine which is out of warranty as well. I contacted Denon support and all they did was send me a PDF of the recommended service centers in North America.

From looking around the forum it appears to be a very common issue with this mixer. I posted my own thread here, with links to other people experiencing the same issue: [COMMON ISSUE] Sound distortion, internal buzzing

Sadly, this is why I didn’t replace my X1700 (solid mixer) with the 1800 as I kept seeing build issues from early adopters. Sorry for your problems with it.

Im really annoyed, my 18 month old X1800 has just started doing this too, it has had a very easy life so its extra annoying,

Im sure I read on here a while ago that it is quite an easy fix, a dry solder joint or bad ground connection or something?

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Pls get in contact with @JWiLL to find a solution.


Thanks for your reply guys.

Yeah is seems like a common issue sadly, I’m just disappointed because I’ve basically used my mixer from June to March 2020 and its been sitting in my room for 90% of the time since then due to Covid.

@TheHrdRebel Thank you, I will contact @JWiLL for further information.

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It’s an absolute disgrace. Denon have know about this since the mixer was first released and they have still not resolved the problem. If they had any respect for their customers they would recall all X1800’s… If a motor company had a defective car on the road they would recall it ASAP. Why can’t Denon just admit they have a defective product and sort it out.


Today the mixer did it again and this time it just didn’t work at all (audio distortion), I have contacted @JWiLL but no answer yet. Can somebody help me with this issue, please?

Is the Mixer still under Warranty? if yes, send it to Denon service or contact your dealer.

Still the same with mine mate, unusable brick really. No support whatso ever.

@TheHrdRebel unfortunately no the mixer is out of warranty, I’m gonna send it back to the dealer I bought it from and see if they can fix it.

@TheTaff-Dj that’s unfortunate to hear mate.

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@DJGK Sorry to hear your mixer is no longer working as expected. Please send @JWiLL a PM with your contact information and he will have someone from Denon Support team reach out directly.

@TheHrdRebel Thanks for your reply, I have already sent @JWiLL a pm but he hasn’t responded yet

Sure he will respond soon

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I’m gonna say it like I say in every post: their products were released way too early. Not sure who tests their products, but they need to run the testing longer. I had a similar issue on my x1800 and had to send it back.

Big thanks to @JWiLL . I got an email from German customer service to get in contact with. Will start the process of RMA now and let’s see how it goes. Keep you updated.