X1800 Midi Sync With traktor

Hi guys

was wondering does anyone have any experience syncing the midi clocks between the x1800 and traktor 2 &/or 3.

I have managed to get ableton to sync to the mixer but when it comes to traktor, the software will not sync to the midi clock being sent.

ive contacted native instruments but have yet to get a reply after two weeks.

I made a video of the issue I’m having which I also sent to NI below.

thanking you in advance :slight_smile:

Considering the X1800 lacks the capability to receive midi clock bpm info from Traktor (that option was present in X1600/X1700) don’t be surprised if that is also impossible.

uh that ■■■■■ :frowning: . I was always under the impression that the midi standard was universal so all software and hardware were able to talk to each other.

It is universal. But hardware still needs to have that feature installed to be able to use it. Anyway, you are asking about something else.

Maybe I wasn’t clear in my first post.

It’s traktor that won’t sync to the mixer, not the mixer syncing to traktor.

I spent hours battling the same problem for PC and MAC. Its a Traktor problem, I can sync with all the other NI software no problem. I was hoping this was fixed in TP3, sadly it wasnt.

That’s really annoying, at least I’m not the only one, was starting to think I was the only person trying this. can’t find any information online anywhere. Hopefully they’ll fix it in a traktor update. Plan was to link it up and use the remix decks in traktor for one shots and loops and that. Glad I didnt buy the traktor upgrade already

Any update on this topic?

Tbh I gave up. Tried NI but they closed my support request even though I told them it didn’t work, I even showed them video footage and full list of everything I tried. But they just ignored me.

Was thinking of getting a midi switch or repeater sort of device but didn’t wanna spend money on one and it not to work

I am also very interested in this topic. I am running my SC5000s as Live Input into Traktor and I want to send the BPM from my x1800 into Traktor so my effects in Traktor will be synced.