X1800 making whirring clicking sounds

Hi guys,

I am starting this topic again since the last post referring to it was closed in 2018 Mixer making sounds and Audio Dropout

I bought 2 x SC5000s and an X1800 in November 2017. I have done nothing but rave about them and now I’m sad to say the X1800 has started a weird fault.

As mentioned in the other topic, the mixer is making odd whirring / clicking sounds with no audio going through it and only the power cable connected. Also, I’m getting distortion in the headphones. I have tried different headphones and jacks, but that’s not helped.

Mixer is on most recent v1.2 firmware.

I saw in the last topic that the issue causing the sound from the mixer has been a common fault in the X1800 and some were recalled although the cause was never explained. I currently can’t trust the X1800 in a live environment in case it fails. Which is disappointing as I have been a vocal advocate of the brand.

A YouTube video is below of the noise coming from the mixer. (Yeah I wasn’t thinking when I talked through it) Anyone got any advice? And could someone from Denon help please? Much appreciated. Thank you.

As stated in other topics the issue is internal grounding of some components. If you search YT I believe there is a video how to fix it yourself but I strongly recommend going first to support (open a ticket), especially if the mixer is under warranty.

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Thanks for that. I’d seen mention of grounding as a possibility, but not as the definitive issue.

I wonder if that is causing the distortion with the headphone section as well?

I’ve opened a ticket with Denon. Not heard back yet, but it’s only been a couple of days. Thanks very much for your help. At least my mixer’s lasted a couple years before the fault has kicked in!

Hi @Vanessa - Sorry to hear you mixer is no longer working as expected. Please send me a PM with your contact information and I will have someone from our support team reach out directly.


I just want to say a big thanks to Denon DJ who after seeing I had issues with my mixer, contacted me, collected my mixer, repaired it (failed audio out PCB plus some faulty cue buttons) and got it back to me incredibly quickly meaning I could use it back in the club ASAP. You can’t ask for better customer care than that! Outstanding. Delighted to have the X1800 back. Thank you.

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Hi Venessa,

Happy to hear our team was able to sort you out quickly! Thank you for sharing your feedback :slight_smile:

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