X1800 Layer assignment issue

2 SC5000’s - X1800 I have owned this rig scene day one of release so i know ho two set it up. Deck two has been giving me problems, so i got a new deck. Now the issue is this: Deck 2 Layer A is color Blue, Layer B is Red. but the X1800 has now decided to flip these colors not the channels just the colors. Even when i reassign or switch the decks the X1800 will not correct the color on the Cue buttons from Deck 2 so that they match what i have on the actual Layers from Deck 2. This was not an issue before my original Deck 2 started to act up, and now that i have replaced it i thought this problem would also fix it self but no such luck. Anyone have this issue. And yes all my firmware is up to date.

Make sure you have the players connected to the correct lan ports on the switch. The mixer designates the channels by those lan port locations.

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i checked that and im good there. I even went into the utility and assigned the cue colors to match my layers on deck 2 but the settings will not hold. As soon as i cut off the system and reboot it flips them back out of phase the mixer will not hold my settings.

This happened with mine when I first got them. I wasn’t as knowledgeable on the systems so I just unplugged everything and rebooted and the problem went away. I have not seen it occur again. Once thing I might have done also along with the reboot was to change the Ethernet port I was plugged in to on the mixer and to make the colors move and then moved it back to where it was. I also recall changing the player layer colors were not going to the mixer. I can’t recall if this was before I upgraded the fw or after.

I am curious to know, when you reboot the issue remains? Also, look at the players and see what deck numbers they have assigned to themselves.

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This happened to me, and what I found out is that it was because I had a USB cable going to the players from the mixer. ( was atteoemong a daisy chain for DVS use ).

It’s crazy, but the mixer has SO many inputs and outputs.

thanks but no usb cables or anything other than what’s needed to run the 2 decks.