X1800 is acting up again

So, a while ago I turned on my mixer and it just kept rebooting. It became completely unresponsive and when connecting it to my laptop to try and reinstall the firmware it wouldn’t even register. I sent it back and it was returned working. Now it’s happened again. It’s less than a year old.

Has anybody any advice on what I should do?

I’m going to phone the store I got it from when they open on Monday, but not sure if I should try and contact Denon myself. Have zero confidence in this unit now and absolutely convinced I have a faulty X1800

Hi DavieBhoy,

If the unit is out of warranty, I still would suggest to contact DenonDJ Global Support the see what can be done.

Thanks, Reese. I’m sure it’s still under warranty. I’ll find out on Monday.

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Hi @DavieBhoy - Sorry to hear of the trouble. Let us know if you need any assistance from us. We’ll be happy to help.

Thanks for the reply, JWill. It’s getting picked up tomorrow, so will take it from there.