X1800 independent recording

can i record something with the x1800 that does not go through the master? like an independent input?

for example if i use a device after the x1800 in the chain and wanna record the output of that. then i do of course not want that to go through the x1800 master again because it would create a loop.

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Without using another audio recording or computer interface device, I suppose you would have to dedicate a channel on the X1800 to putting the audio back into the mixer and then use the discrete USB audio of that channel back into the computer.

Perhaps the DVS function could also somehow be used for that while still using the channel, but I’m not sure if you can override the phono input capability that gets routed to the computer, or still make use of the SPDIF or line input of the channel that I think might become dedicated to USB input from that channel to the X1800 mix bus. Starts to get very confusing to think about.

I’d suggest that if you’re sending the X1800 into another device and want to record that other device, you don’t try to record that second device using the X1800 but rather get a third recorder or audio interface to go into.

I’m not sure what this second device in the chain is you’re talking about, but you also might want to consider just using it as an effects unit using the FX send/receive on the X1800.

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With a DAW (Audacity does this for free) you can record each channel independent of the output (channels 1-8), so if you passed the output of the device into one of the channels in the mixer, you would be able to record this without the master output, that or @Reticuli suggestion of using the FX send/return.

that’s the idea exactly. the question is how to put that channel into “discrete” mode?

because otherwise i get nothing unless i turn that channel’s fader up and then it goes through the master again.

I don’t think you’d be able to other than simply not using that channel on the mixer for actual mixing. All the inputs are fed back into the computer independently already I believe for those who want to do something like multi-track recording of every channel pre-mix-bus. So you’d end up with a three channel mixer. Seems like a waste when a relatively cheap interface or using the FX send/receive would let you use all four mixer channels. If you are using two or three single-layer decks on the X1800, then it’s a plausible way of doing it, though.

I’m 99% sure that in Audacity it records the channel output irrespective of the fader being up or not, that only influences the master output. You then simply close the channels in Audacity you don’t wish to record. I won’t get chance until this afternoon to check that for you, but bear with me and I will.

Edit - if it does though, then simply use the crossfader to remove that channel from the master output.

that’s exactly what i tried but as metioned, as long as the fader is down i get nothing.

that’s not up to the recording program but the used device. in this case the x1800.

I thought the whole point of the independent channel outputs back to the computer from the X1800 was for them to be pre-fader.

no idea but it seems there’s no fader bypass switch or something. so i guess i can scratch that.

It is, which is why I’m 99% certain you don’t need the faders. Like I said, I’ll check later

Not sure you are right there, it is USB so it sends each channel independently to the DAW, not via the outputs. It sends master to 9 & 10, but even then, if it was fader dependent (I still convivced it isn’t) it definitely is not cross fader dependent, so as long as the cross fader is not open to that channel and sending to the master, it will definitely record just that channel in the DAW as 1+2, 3+4,5+6 & 7+8, sans anything in the master signal pathway.

nope, crossfader doesn’t work either, just tried. makes sense though because otherwise you couldn’t record your mix per channel if the faders were ignored. that’s when a bypass switch comes into play but there doesn’t seem to be one.

In Audacity? It definitely does as you can rebuild your mix if you mess it up from the feed pre-crossfader. Have you got all 10 channels recording?

So you’re saying the multitrack recording of the individual channels over USB is just to use an alternate mix bus?

I suppose the ability to change between pre-fader and post-fader on them might be interesting.

like i said, which program you use doesn’t matter because the program can only record what comes in. and with the fader down nothing comes in. in doubt just try it out.

No, I stand corrected, you are right. I just assumed the point of the individual channels was it took the pre-fader track, not post fader. Only other solution I can think is the headphone port?

Edit - I’m sure I’m missing something, VirtualDJ says the outputs are pre-fader:-

Yes it can, the dvs switch (lets just call it that) is actually a send & return. The thing is you have to s/r using software.

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Looks like there is no way of switching form post-fader channel outs to pre-fader channel outs right now. However, if you’re going to make use of DVS somehow or can live with the channel being useless besides being a send, it looks like there’s a phono/line option right now.

It happens at the source switch on the mixer. You can only do this with software like a DAW. Anything done on the mixer is coming from the software.

This means your source goes into the mixer (via dvs) into software and then the software sends it back. And then you use the mixer like a boss :laughing:

However what the op is describing can be done also with midi to control the software faders, xfader and eqs. In daw software you can assign multiple inputs and have the mixdown go to one output. (The master)

that’s it guys :+1:

in practice it goes like this:

  • connect the to-be-recorded output to the line input of one channel
  • set that channel to dvs
  • record that channel via usb

the channel meter will not react to this but it still sends the input through usb properly.