X1800 has stopped working

Turned on my set up last night and noticed my X1800 kept rebooting itself, after switching it off and on a couple times I remembered reading about someone having the same issue on here - https://denondjforum.com/t/think-my-1800-has-just-died/22531- so I tried the found solution and all other advice given in the linked thread and nothing works. I’ve managed to get the mixer to stay on, but all I get it the fancy stand by flashing LEDs. I can factor reset it, which makes it look like everything is back to normal, but nothing works, cue buttons, fxs button, etc, and no audio. This basically just freezes the mixer.

I was hoping there might be a solution to this before I have to attempt to get a replacement.

That was my post, my 1800 stopped working shortly after the last update.

It took a few attempts but re flashing the last firmware did work for me.

I’ve tried that and older firmware, but my computer doesn’t recognise that I have my mixer connected so won’t do the update. It’s completely unresponsive

If attempts to re flash the unit are not working then i would be contacting Denon for a repair.

Contacted the dealer I purchased it from and they’re collecting it tomorrow, hopefully it’ll be repaired without any further issues. Fear this won’t be the last time something like this happens though.

Unfortunately I don’t have that much faith in build quality mate. I bought the full setup new. Within one month of light use I had to return both sc5000s. One of which twice having been sent back to me still not working. I now have an issue with the screen on the x1800 (see pic). It works still but being on furlough i haven’t wanted to return it just yet. It had been suggested before by denon that screen burn (just one of the issues with the decks) wasnt covered by warranty!

One unit breaking - yeah it happens I suppose. Second unit breaks within a week of the other - unlucky coincidence? Now an issue with the mixer a few months later, I have to question build. Hope you get your mixer sorted anyway.

I’m still waiting to have it picked up and repaired. Fingers crossed it can be and I get it back in working order. Reading your post doesn’t fill me with confidence though. I’ve had mine since December and never really encountered any real issues, other than a dodgy filter on channel 3 and the FX pot on channel 1 - that was more of an annoyance that I could live with.

I’ll still stick with my set up though because I think you get great hardware for the money. Just praying this isn’t going to be a recurring problem