X1800 froze, had to restart

Mixing in the bedroom for maybe 30 minutes and the mixer froze, had to turn off/on. Only happened once. I have a video I can upload, if it happens again I’ll factory reset and re-flash the firmware. Just putting this out there that this happened.

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Same as in the DJWORX review (summary). They said it was because of a unplugged USB cable.

This confuses me. The only time I used a USB cable with it was when I tried to update it and it was already updated.

I think it was meant more like a unplugged usb cable picked up a electric discharge. Your case could be totally different.

Either way, just wanted to make those that see this aware of the possibility.

Has this issue happened again @Abraxo ?

I havent! I leave the mixer on a lot because I have my ps4 audio routed to it, stayed steady. Might have been a one off issue.

This will happen if there is a ground loop isolation issue. It’s a common issue on all gear with built in audio interfaces.

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