X1800 firmware update

Hi there, I am having a total nightmare with the X1800 update. To be honest I bought the whole rig but I’ve used the mixer quite sparingly as I’ve stuck with what i’m familiar with.

So I have a PC and have downloaded the update what I’ve done is as follows:

  1. Download update
  2. Attach cable to USB 1 and PC
  3. Hold Tap, Back and FX Cue
  4. Power on mixer
  5. Follow steps until it hangs in data receiving

No progress from this point.

I left it for an hour then turned off the mixer and turned it back on and now it seems frozen!

Anyone any thoughts…?

It’s massively frustrating that Denon DJ couldn’t to a 1 minute video with the steps preceding the features update to help users with the update. We’re DJ’s not IT technicians!

Hope someone can help.


When it says “data receiving” did you start or click on the next step on your computer?

I can’t see there being a next step… is this me being really stupid?!

There isn’t a facility to run the firmware. I’ve downloaded it then extracted it but that’s all I’ve done on my PC…

After extracting, install the firmware files on your computer and run the firmware update tool.

Thanks Reese, I think I’ve done that. It comes up with the ‘do you want this app to make changes to your hard drive’ and hten2 set-up progress screens but then no way to ‘run’ it? IE to me there’s no way of pushing this into the mixer?

Okay, great. The firmware tool (after install) should be in your start menu or in (one of the) program files

Perfect, thanks Reese… so for information after install anyone who reads this you need to find the firmware tool in your program files or just do a search in your start menu… mine is now updated! That was the part that I missed! Cheers!

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Good to hear. Yes, a foolproof update procedure would be nice… :wink: Maybe that could be my task in all this…

Please flag post as [solved], thanks!