X1800 Filter question

Hi, i am thinking about buying an X1800 to complete my set up. I am currently using two SC5000 with an A&H Xone 92. I have been a massive fan of the Xone 92 for more than 10 years but have been thinking maybe its time to try something different and i like the integration the X1800 has with the SC5000.

I have got used to the idea of losing the second mid eq pod but i am struggling with the idea of giving up the Xone filters. My main question is how does the X1800 filter react when set at resonance setting zero in the utility menu? Is it useful for mixing longer transitions similar to the way A&H filters are? Has anyone made a similar move from the Xone 92 to X1800?

Any advise is greatly appreciated.

I’ve had many Xones and currently have a 4D and a DB4, though my prior several 62s are now gone. With resonance at zero on the 1800, it’s a true zero-resonance filter… a low pass or high pass depending on the direction you turn the knob, with no peak, compression, or ringing. With resonance turned up, it’s a slightly-less lush sound than an analog Xone’s filter, not as smooth as the MP2015 or PPD9000 filters, and not as noise or distortion-like as the DJM800 channel filters. The X1800 filter can be set to either allow a small pass-through of remaining frequencies at the end of rotation to still go through or it can be set in the Utility on the mixer to completely kill on the rotation ends. In the middle it is a complete bypass. It can work fine for transitions. The one real caveat with it, in my opinion, is the odd choice to bury the resonance setting in the menu.


I do long blends. Filter is set to zero resonance and mode set to bleed. Don’t like the kill in the filter. My EQ is set on iso, so if I want to kill a frequency range, I use that.

You’ll love the filter. Slight turn right and bass is gone. To the left the highs fade away.

I even mix more with the filter, than playing with the low EQ pots.

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I think the filter it by far the best FX in the mixer, and I think it’s a shame resonance is not more easily accessible.


IMO, the balance knob should have been a resonance and placed below the master meter, the master meter should have been full size, and all those other switches and knobs moved down to compensate. The balance being in the menu on the DB4 isn’t a bother to me. All I use balance for is sound checks and get annoyed when DJs fuss with it. Too late now, though. DB4 has its own issues, though, like not even having a button/switch for split cue. They burried that in the menu and don’t have it switch off when you have two cues selected or any other hack to keep you from having to switch it on off in the menu.

Pictured: X1800 pre-production unit with no pan, a resonance knob and logical booth and master knobs

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Interesting. Curious if there’s a larger photo with more shown.


Found it

Had the DB4 for a year or so and loved it. Really nice piece of kit but just a tad convoluted for me How would you compare the DB4 sound with the X1800?

DB4 has a lot going on to be sure. If the x1700 distracts me with its musicality, the DB4 distracts me with its effects and options equally. The old Denon I’ll be listening and forget to mix in. The DB4 I’ll be messing with effects and run out of time to mix in.

X1800 is a dryer sound than a DB4 in filter mode with filters off, if that makes any sense. Maybe a touch grainy, constrained, and closed-in, too.

It’s not outright bad on its own. I’ve referred to the tone of the X1800 as like a digital version of the old Numark DM905. Definitely not a bright or strident mixer. Perhaps a little over-damped.

I think everyone with the Prime players owes themselves a chance to use the entire system. It’s something special how it all integrates even if I prefer the processing sound of some other mixers right now.

And of course, it’s currently in development. DB4 is probably not going to get more updates. Ditto with the X1700. Maybe the MP2015, but who knows.

Played out once on the MP2015. Thats the mixer i’d go for in an ideal world but just can’t justify the 2.5K price tag here in Europe. Have to say, the slightly negative feedback from people on the X1800 sound signature is putting me off a tad

If you’re that worried about sound quality, you have to consider that the Prime players have some processing faults right now that high-end digital mixers reveal. Practically anything else with a digital out and keylock off into the MP2015 would sound better than the complete Prime system, and a CDJ/XDJ with a digital out and master tempo off into the Rane would be near reference sound quality (only non-reference aspect I can think of being the Rane channel isolators always in the path). Hopefully not just the x1800 processing, but especially the players’ own is further improved such that top digital mixers really are worth it on them.

You’ve got the Prime players, so you like their features. If you’re hard up for cash that this is such a tough decision, you might want to get a cheap, used analog Ecler or Xone four channel. A Nuo 4 or Xone 62 will sound nice with the Prime players… more forgiving of the players’ own processing faults right now, IMO, too. The 62 would have filters, and you can even use it as a rotary if you put the headphone in Aux mode, mix with the aux pots at the top, and use the aux out on the back for your mains. You can do some funky stuff with the pan, crossfader assign, and filters that way, too.

Later you can save up more money for something else… like even an X1800, and by then it might have better firmware. A used, cheap 62 if you take care of it will retain its value.

If you can afford the X1800 comfortably at some price you can get it for right now, really only you can say whether it sounds good enough already for you with the players. Honestly, I’d be curious what your opinion would be on it if you got the new Denon… not trying to pressure you or anything.

Interesting!!! And good eye!

What ■■■■■■ me off royally is that I just know that some smartass in inMusic decided to replace filter resonance knob with pan just so the mixer would be more similar to a DJM in layout. Whoever that was needs to be fired


Yeah, should have been top to bottom: master, booth and resonance (or pan via utility).

Is this something that can be changed in software, or are the knobs hardwired? It’s a shame the sweep FXs admit no modulation at all.

I don’t know. It’s fully digital so who knows.

Of course it can be changed but that would be the stupidest thing ever, to have knobs labeled differently than their function. Not to mention Pan knob has center detent.

I would be the first one to mock anybody who makes such a sillly feature request. It would be up there with requiring third party adapter and firmware update to enable recording on usb sticks.

Not necessarily.

I bought my Rane 62 with Scratch Live and after Serato DJ was launched one or two buttons function changed from the original labelled function

It wasnt an issue for me and one can always get a skin with the updated labelling.


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Aside from no dedicated resonance control (would love to have the option to use the booth knob for this), I absolutely love the filter. It is a true zero resonance filter (when set at zero in the utility menu) with no drive (distortion). I use em constantly.

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