X1800 Engine MIDI out selectable request

Thought I make a new topic to have some overview.

I bought a Roland TR-8S and connected it via MIDI with the X1800. Audio goes to ch3 of the mixer.

Now, if I play a 130bpm track on ch1 from an SC5000, Engine will send out the 130bpm of that track and the TR-8S will play the rhythm pattern at the same 130bpm.

However, if ch1 is faded out and I want to keep the TR-8S as the only “music” playing until a ch2 track is mixed in, speed will revert to 120bpm (default Engine Connect, I guess?).

My request would be to make it selectable in Utility which channel(s) of the mixer should dictate bpm to MIDI info and to remain that way until another track changes the Engine info. In my case only ch1 or ch2 should do this; by no means ch3.

@EthanLeo: Problem above is at this time only solvable manually with FX assign, I think? So I need to switch between ch1 and ch2 (wherever the track is played) to not have ch3 “send out” it’s bpm?

Edit: possible workaround: assign both ch1 and ch2 to a crossfader side and assign FX to that A or B. :crazy_face:

Anyway, MIDI works fine (apart from airco noise in the background… https://we.tl/s-NQYOdmlIwk

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I do not sure i understood your problem 100% :cry: but… Basically when you select a track with the FX knob, this track will be the “master tempo” and will send the bpm to your TR-8S. This is the way the sync work. Be sure your channels are well routed by holding for 2 seconds the Engine connect button, then assign the right channels to the right players. I hope this help :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah I know, it was a bit cryptic.

I want to have the option in Utility that only the channels where the SC’s are connected send midi out. That way the drum computer will not reset Engine Connect to default 120bpm if it’s the only device playing music.

For now you need to assign FX to solve this manually by switching which of the SC’s should be master bpm (and drum computer then does follow nicely; even if all SC channels are closed).

Maybe i understand this time :thinking: Btw, if you want, you can work without using the FX knob, and only the on-air track will send the tempo out. Then, try to set your unused layer to NONE in the Engine connect screen, so the channel you are using for your Drum machine will be free from the Engine connection. Let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes I think layer off could work also. Haven’t tried that yet. Thanks for thinking along about this!

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You are welcome. I am sure we will have more options in a future update :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m sure we will :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: