X1800 DJ software record issue


I’ve encountered a problem while trying to record in my DJ software and have to bring it to the forums to see if I missed something. I DJ with VDJ8 on a 2012 MBP. For several months, I’ve been using the second USB output from the mixer to record directly into Audacity on my desktop. Recently, I’ve tried to just record in the VDJ software on my MBP but even though I’m positive I have the audio routing set correctly in software, it only records silence. Both the mixer and the VDJ software are set to16/44.1. I don’t get it, everything plays fine but the return just isn’t allowing me to record from within VDJ. Here’s a screenshot of my settings. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B36OmPkvwAeiMUpwVmtzTnFxWUUzQ2FMYXlNd21PM3R1VVZZ

As x1800 have the two USB ports , should it then show to you two sound cards?

Maybe you have channel,8 on one sound card but need 9,10 on the same sound card to record or maybe 9,10 on different sound card as it’s USB port 2

Thanks for your reply. That sounds like a possibility but if I assigned 9/10 to the second USB port, I forget how to switch it back to the first port which is connected to my DJ laptop. I hope it’s just this simple but I need a little help figuring that one out in the settings sub menu.