X1800 Display Time Out / Burn-In

The Time Out on the X1800 isn’t fast enough. I used my mixer for under a month on only the latest firmware with the Display Off feature On and noticed burn-in today despite almost never using the effects section on it sofar meaning the display should have been off most of the time - There was definitely no burn-in before today either. I like the device but for that price, I’m not satisfied with the lifetime of the display especially if there’s already a function to prevent it in place. Please make the time-out shorter and or add a function to set it manually.. Thx!

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I was actually going to create a feature request on this very topic in the last week and just haven’t gotten around to it. I agree that it should go black more quickly, however, it should also only come back on when something in the right side effects section is moved or pushed. Right now the OLED comes back on with any control input at all anywhere on the mixer, which there’s no reason for. I’m wondering if I should create a separate feature request for that aspect of this or not.

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Right. That would probably solve the issue already. Do make a separate feature request to further emphasis the importance and link it please. I’ll support it aswell and maybe anyone coming across this thread. Thx for contributing :v:t6:

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