X1800 Cues colours and SC5000 on air mode

Hi I have owned the equipment ie. SC5000’s & X1800 for nearly a year now. I love them, but I have a issue with the cue colours and the on air ring around sc5000. When I start the equipment it goes through the motions, the SC5000’s just show what ever colour you have set them and stays that colour regardless if the fader is up or down, (so no on air) and no colours on cue buttons, just shows up blue. Engine connect is set to Auto and doesnt come on you have to press manually. The colours have worked maybe a handful of times in the past and the BPM is spot on when the cues are in colour. But with the lights not coming on the BPM is out by .2 to .3 all the time. I have studied the manual and I use the digital cables to get sound from player to mixer, and they are correct and I use link port 2, 3 as I use main channel 2 & 3 on mixer and use channel 1 & 4 as layer B. Please help. Thanks

Hello. Do the players have see eachother via link? Did You tried to use different cables?

Yes. I have SSD drive in right player, which says player 3, and left hand deck also sees SSD, and says player 3 in top right corner.

Just a question. Why would the right device be player3? I think it should be player2 to start with when using dual layer.

As per instructions in the manual. Port 2 for player 2 to be layer A, and player 1 to be layer B. Port 3 to be player 3 for layer A and player 4 to be layer B. My SSD drive in right player being player 3. Is this not correct.

In essence you have 2 players (with layers on), right?

FYI. Only in single layer mode and 3 or more devices, you’d have a player 3 and 4.

So left device should be player number 1 in its utility menu. Right device should be player number 2 in its utility menu.

You are right to have ethernet2 for the left and ethernet3 for the right player, if you use both layers A on channel 2 and 3. :+1:t2:

Ok i will swap in utility screen on players.i tried what you said. It didnt work. On air mode doesnt work. I changed the colours in the mixer cue utility manually. It should pick it up though. Engine connect light still doesnt come on automatically.

I have the same setup but motorized and it does the same issue quite often. The only way I’ve found to get it working is by cycling both SC5000M’s and X1800 on and off until it works.

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Ok thanks. Painful. Otherwise the BPM detection on the mixer is out by .2 - .3, and yesterday i was using it on one song it was a full bet out 1. Thanks mate

Could you check press&hold the Engine Connect button on the X1800?

The issues might be due to the layer function. If you experience this then check the layer button on your deck because you might be on the wrong layer.

same problem with update 1.5.1 and mixer 1.3

I tried the following configurations:

Deck 1 - LAN1 - layer A channel 1 / layer B channel 3 Deck 2 - LAN2 - layer A channle 2 / layer B channel 4

without a specific reason loses the connection “engine connect” the cues flash a few seconds and resume the colors set

same thing using this configuration

Deck 1 - LAN2 - layer A channel 2 / layer B channel 1 Deck 2 - LAN3 - layer A channle 3 / layer B channel 4

I tried using both the analog and digital outputs of the decks

I updated to latest firmware and now is working.

have you also solved the problem that the cues flash and momentarily lose the assigned color? it happens to me after a while that I use it and then starts doing it continuously until I turn off and on the mixer. I guess I’ll have to contact denon to solve the problem I bought the bundle in March

Yes, it is working so far. I have used it around 3 = 4 times since the update. All channel cue colours, on air and the engine button on mixer work correctly. So far so good. If it changes I will let you know.