X1800 Cue FX really loud when activated

Hi Guys, Just been using my new x1800 over the weekend and have noticed the cue FX when pressed makes the cue volume really loud while its on, then goes back to normal when turned off (everytime)

Is this normal?

Is this configurable?

Can’t seem to find anything in the manual to support


Happy to help!

Depending on the effect you choose, your cue mix, and your wet/dry mix you may just be doubling the current signal instead of applying an effect. Can you tell me which effect you’re using? Do you have any external effects connected?

Thanks @DenonDJCorey it’s happening with all of them. I definitely can hear the fx while cueing, just the volume increases significantly, almost doubles, whereas if I’m cueing a number of the normal channels the volume doesn’t increase.

Is there any way to change this?

In utility, go to advanced audio, then scroll down to 9. FX EDIT. Then 5. NOISE LEVEL then turn it anti clockwise to desired noise.