X1800 cracking sent for repair

So after weeks of chasing Denon UK have come back to me with a price just shy of £300 to repair my X1800 for the dreaded crackling that so many seem to be affected by and which I believe is a design fault/manufacturing issue they fully know about.

This is disgraceful on a unit that has had minor use and is under 2 years old.

I would argue this is not fit for purpose, im not sure if the X1850 suffers from this issue but I would be weary of buying either

So annoyed, my £1k mixer is basically a useless brick now!


Does the crackling happen only when you’re using analogue inputs for the 4 channels or when you use the digital inputs also.

The much talked about batch fault of cracklings doesn’t present itself on the digital inputs of the x1800.

That’s just a suggestion to narrow down whether you’ve got that batch issue or some other issue.

It all inputs, its more an electrical buzzing/crackling

Its quite a common problem: Dj X1800 Major manufacturing failure: Interference problem and internal cracking - #7 by djmixar

Im going to speak to the retailer and my credit card company as I believe its a manufacturing/design issue

Ok , I’m fairly sure that the common problem issue was only affecting the channel analogue RCA/phono inputs. If you’re getting it happen when using the digital inputs then your mixer could be experiencing something else, not the common batch problem.

It’s still worth re-contacting Denon / in-music and pointing out that you’re seeing other people get this repaired free of charge both inside and outside warranty. See what they say.

Where did you buy yours from?

I have spoken to Denon and they have resolved it for me, thanks Denon!


Wish Denon would help me with my problem that fast! Been 6 months already smh

Curious, what was the resolution or fix? I’d rather not buy new equipment with known issues be it x1800 or x1850.

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Was it just a settings thing then?

Perhaps a PCB replacement.

I have had mine changed by Denon for some cracklings and unusual flashes of the mic led.

Yeah it sounds like some PCB/component replacement unfortunately

I’d be extremely upset if I’d bought new, and within less than 2 years I was seeing such problems. I owned a x1800 from new and returned it to the retail store I purchased it from within 2 months because of issues and luckily got a full refund.

It does seem to be a very problematic mixer. I know some of the Denon fanboys on here will try and state something differently, but having owned/used one and seeing the problems over the years that others have had, I have to say it’s a bit of a lemon.

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It happened on mine too while using digital inputs: Denon X1800 Mixer Buzzing/Clicking Noise - YouTube

What was the actual issue and component(s) that were replaced? The sound in the video sounded more like a mechanical relay clicking/switching so I’d be curious as to what the real issue was and if it’s corrected in the x1850

Its like an electrical buzzing from a power supply. They just said a part on a board, just my opinion but I believe this is a well know issue to them and I think it was fixed on the X1850 and possibly newer X1800 thats all just my speculation though.

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I have had the same issue. I took it to my retailer when it was still in warranty and you can reference my previous post. Denon did contact me and I did have a chat with the guys in South Africa about it. However, left the mixer at my retailer for almost 2 weeks with them testing it and they said that they could not hear a single funny sound coming out of the mixer. The retailer wanted to come to my house to test it, but due to Covid regulations could not. He said it could be something with the grounding so I thought ok what the heck, let me try it out. When I plugged it back in there were no noises this time so I thought it could have been the extension I was using. To cut a long story short I haven’t really used the mixer since then due to work but I did do a wedding with the mixer and it seemed ok about 2 months ago. I then Dj’d at a friends sons 18th and it started making the crackling sound again. So I changed the extension and it still did it for a few minutes and then stopped. I haven’t used the mixer since until the other night and boom it started again and this time it is now going crazy with that sound. I will send the video for you to hear. I am now not impressed as it is now out of warranty I think. I don’t know what to do…I think its time to sell and buy the Pioneer DJM 900 nxs 2. I don’t have faith in getting the X1850 either… unless Denon can help me out here… Love the players but they really need to work on their mixers… hate to have to type this negatively and I get that people say all this forum has is people complaining in the posts…until it happens to them. I love the products and love what Denon have done but come on guys, way too many posts about this mixer having the same issues…

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I feel your pain it, seems that ones it starts it gets worse and worse over time unfortunately, I wonder if it is a bad capacitor or something.


I do love the Denon products though. Attached video :frowning:

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Yeah that’s very similar to the noise I was getting.

It goes on for about 20 minutes and then stops. I was playing tunes last night for a while to test out if it comes back and it came back a few times with crackling through the audio on the headphones. At the last party I played at I thought it was my speakers half way through the party and people on the dance floor said its distorting even though it wasn’t loud. This makes sense now that this cracking sound was the reason for that distorted sound. I hope it did not damage my speakers now. I also thought there was something wrong with my headphones during the party but it was obviously this constant feedback every now and then that caused it. So annoyed right now.

I’d get rid mate as it’s clearly another x1800 Lemon. Buy yourself a proper mixer like a Allen & Heath or Pioneer.

Good luck …!