X1800 Contour Locked/Won't Start

Hello all,

Got to my gig yesterday and when I started my x1800 it says ‘contour locked, hold back to reset’. It then proceeds to continually turn itself on/off and the channel lights light up. I did a quick search and I noticed other people have had this issue. Good thing I still have my 8 year old x1600 as a backup.

Thanks in advance for any help. See photo below.

On a side note: this is extremely frustrating. I have encountered so many issues with this damn prime series between my 5000’s and now this. I am refraining from completely exploding in this post but I need it to be known that this lineup has some series flaws and it’s not even debatable. I have a list of over 2 dozen minor, moderate, and extreme issues with these products. It’s absolutely insane.

Are you able to install firmware? You gotta hold a certain button combination while you turn on the mixer or something like that. Check the manual for the exact process. (Or just run the installer for instructions)

That would be the last ditch effort before returning it for a replacement.

Will do. I’ve been on 1.3 since it was released, so I’m still wondering what randomly caused this to happen. The only other thread I found regarding this had no actual resolution.

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