X1800 Channel faders seem really loose

I know the Xfader can be adjusted which I’m fine if its loose. But the channel faders seem really really Loose right out of the box. Can these be adjusted? they are so loose that i can blow on them and they will move…

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This is a good thing. Pioneer’s faders are waaaaaay tooooo stiff!


Pity the Alps faders, Cue buttons and Line selector knobs used on the X1700, have not been used on the terrific X1800…

That was my question, and in a way, you gave an answer.

Are the faders on the X1800 the same as on the X1700???

As far as I can tell the X1700 uses Alps RS60K11K-04-B103. Those could be replaced with something like Alps RS60K11K9A13: http://www.alps.com/prod/info/E/HTML/Potentiometer/SlidePotentiometers/RSK/RSK_list.html

Would be nice to do this on the X1800.

Background info: In Holland, all older mixers have vertical fader knobs. Dateq was a well known manufacturer of some classic mixers and I would like to see nicer faders on the X1800. Still very fond of my XTC2 for simple mixing with the SC5000.