X1800 cable routing for one deck play

Just got 1800 and have one sc5000 and only one side works on fader one . plugged usb one into powered usb splitter on 1800 and 5000 usb into splitter also. Got HID to work but computer gets frozen ie lag. And i cant get the layer to work ie mix 2 channels like i did before i got the x1800. Help

If you can, plug the X1800 directly to the laptop. It’s recommended when using Serato or any other dj software

The decks can be plugged into a hub

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I have a powered hub that has worked for 3 years i only have one port on my laptop. DONT TELL ME TO BUTY A LAPTOP ! thanks any other solutions . btw i cant even hear sound out of the mains to my allen and heath zed 10 unless i put it in the booth !

What laptop are you using? Specs of the machine?

I dont mind giving those to you butcoupd we start with routing because i cant even get sound out of the MAINS! But the players are playing on all 4 virtual decks now .

X1800 to one SC5000

  1. Are you using Line or Digital RCA?

  2. What position is your channel indicator on the channels you are using

  3. Check your channel trims/gain

  4. Check your cables rca/digital rca cables

  5. Plug something into the mixer eg a phone to the line and check if there is sound

  6. Check the XLR/RCA going to your PA/Speakers.

Perhaps you may share a photo of the back of the players, the mixer (rear and top)

I’m guessing the audio routing is Serato based.

How are the audio outputs configured per deck in Serato?

Fader1 is audio ch1+2 etc.

Yes ok i can mix on both sides thank you. Now my serato is frozen looks like i need a laptop with 2 usb ports minimally. Ill put serato on a different laptop and connect the x1800nto the laptop direct and a hub for the sc5000 and my mpuse and hard drive

What laptop has just one USB port? 13 inch MacBook Pro?

One of my ports is broken and im left with just one. Im not sure thats the main issue ive yet to plug in the fixed side issue system into the laptop yet direct from the x1800 ill do that now and see. Btw found out i was running an old version of serato and needed to update my version so i did that last night. Only the new serato version supports the 5000 and 1800. Now the final issue … My computer screen serato window completly freezes when the prime 1800 and 5000 are playing . I have sound i have all channels working faders working all is perfect now except the program window. Super frustrating . it kinda is lag too because it will unfreeze every 2 min or so then when i click on something it freezes again

No Prime4 and SC5000M were added in the latest version. X1800 and SC5000 were already supported for a long time.