X1800 and Audacity on Macbook Air

Good afternoon, I ran into an issue while trying to record a vinyl on a Macbook Air, by using Audacity. I connected a USB cable from the X1800 mixer (USB 1 port) to the Mac. I’ve set the mixer’s output channel to 9/10. On the Mac, the X1800 seems recognized as input device, so it’s selected, but when I play the vinyl and hit record on the Mac, no sound comes through.

I tried Audicity on a Windows laptop (after having installed the drivers), and that seems to work just fine. The only issue I’m having there, is that the recording sounds slower than then vinyl, but that might be sampling rate settings; I’m still looking in on that.

The point is: it’s not working on the Mac and I would like to know why. Also, Security & Privacy settings seem fine: the microphone is allowed for use by Audacity (it seems that not only the internal mic, but also connected devices use the “microphone”).

Hi Gert.

You are correct on the point of recorded audio sounding slower than original, that is the result of different sample rates between mixer and recording program/driver.

I have seen some other reports of people having issues with recording into audacity. Instead of troubleshooting a almost endless number of potential causes, if you are willing you can simply use Rekordbox in the free, export mode?

Hi there, Thanks for the reply. The first issue was indeed solved by setting the Adv. Audio settings for USB to a sample rate of 44.10Khz, to match the project sample rate in Audacity. So that’s fixed.

Regarding the recording… it might be a Mac OS related issue. When I start Audacity from the Applications menu, I don’t get any incoming sound from the X1800 at all. When I start Audacity from a terminal window with the command “/Applications/Audacity.app/Contents/MacOS/Audacity;” I’m getting an input signal. Very strange! But when using the terminal window, Audacity comes up with the question whether the microphone can be added to Security & Privacy settings. I don’t get this prompt when I start Audacity from the Applications menu. However, it works as expected on a Windows laptop with Audacity though, so it’s not the mixer’s fault :wink:

Quite frankly I wouldn’t object against using Rekordbox, but then it seems I’m using a rather complicated solution for something that should be simple, no …? I have used Traktor Pro in the past, perhaps that’s something I should consider using again, but I find it a rather complicated (and costly) solution, only for recording a mix :wink:

MacOS Catalina? It’s not working with Audacity. You must use a workaround.

Indeed :frowning: Perhaps the 2.4.0 release will fix it again (apparently it has to do with Apple’s notarization which they use for hardening apps etc). Maybe even Garageband might be a decent plan B for now - looks like it can do multichannel recording as well, so I think I’ll give that a go tonight.

On macbook logic pro x is the best way. I can select there as inout any channel from my x1800

I gave Logix Pro X a go as well, the setup needs some tweaking but indeed, it does the trick quite nicely :slight_smile: