Wrong/different Tags Prime/Serato?


i am using Serato AND Prime. Prime for smaller Gigs and to create my Backup-USB-Stick. So i can work “Standalone” in case of an dead Laptopp.

With Serato i do all the Managing of my Library. All Titles are fine tagged in Serato (It Looks like :slight_smile: ). I don’t know what Version of ID-Tags Serato use but it Looks fine and ok and well Sorted.

Now, when importing Crates from Serato to Prime some Tage are not the Same than in Serato. Mostly the “Genre” is different. Sometimes a can do a "Reload Track Infomation"and anything is Ok. Sometimes not. I can write alle Tags new in Serato but it does not change anything. Where is the Problem?

Second Problem: Maybe i have a Genre called “Disco” then in Engine the Genre is “Disco” and on some Titles “DISCO”. At the first look that is no big Problem…

But when i put the USB-Stick in my MCX8000 i have two Groups of Titles with different Genres. One called “Disco” and one called “DISCO”. That is also really bad!!

Excuse my bad english……My Gigs are much better :slight_smile:

Greetings from Germany Kai-Uwe Jaap