Write ID3 tags with Engine Prime


Imported my library into Serato and noticed that all my ID3 tags made with Engine Prime were actually not written to the source files. Is there something I’m doing wrong, or is this a feature Engine Prime lacks? If its the latter, I would be very disappointed that the senior to Engine 1.5 does not have this basic feature…




Engine Prime does not write to 3rd party software databases.



What he is referring to are the ID3V tags on the MP3 file itself, not the serato database.



Hello, I know this is an old topic but I just noticed this issue. I am using Engine Prime 1.2.2 on Windows 10. I am able to write to ID3 MP3 tags in Serato but unable to do so in Engine Prime. For example, I write “test” to composer, artist, genre, comments, etc… in Prime and it saves. I then look at the file details in explorer and it doesn’t show the new info, only what was previously written in Serato, I then “re-import track information” in prime and it reverts back to whatever I wrote from Serato previously. The prime info does show on the players so that’s not an issue, I am only concerned that all of the tags I enter in prime disappear when/if I re-import track information. I would prefer not to switch back to Serato as my main library management since the import takes forever and I already put alot of time into Prime. Anyone run into this also?



You can prepare your tracks metadata in a dedicated ID3TAG editor, before importing your library in Engine Prime.

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This - Prime writes to it’s own area, and if you refresh the information it’ll lose it anyway, so much better using a tag editor.



Thanks for the info.



So FYI, in order to update the ID3 info for the source file you need to make sure you DO NOT load the track into the prime player when you edit (i.e. Double Click). You need to click on the track ONCE, then click on the field you want to edit ONCE, then change the info, it then saves to the source file. Thank you pg. 29 of the Engine Prime Manual :).



It is logical not to edit files while they are loaded into the player because their are in use at that moment and the player works with the track metadata at that moment, so the file is locked for editing. Still the best method of preparing tracks is to use dedicated software for id3tag editing and BPM analysis and later using Engine only for playlist management or some cue and loops settings.



Feature Request:

Right Click > Write Tag to File



Performing an operation on the file using direct right click on the mouse can lead to accidental modifications. Any editing operation should be done by first selecting a track or a group of tracks and then selecting an option from a popup menu displayed on right click of the mouse. Keep in mind that the right click of the mouse can also be used to reanalyse a track.



You missed the arrow in there. :-p

Arrows signify an action to pop up a menu in manual writing.