Wow and Flutter or Fluttering Wow!

I’ll leave that to sbangs and company … LOL

She would still be a lovely piece to own Mr Lymbo. Would definitely become a conversation piece as well… it’s a thing of beauty.

You won’t notice the W&F at all for just pure listening pleasure only during long transitions when mixing.

The mystery continues. Are you all trying to be like Apple? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Looking forward to getting it. Some on Serrato have said it’s tacky and cheesy looking. Personally, I like the looks of it. The only thing I would eliminate would be the DenonDJ lettering. (on the front and sides, not on the top of the plinth) Just my opinion.

Yowza. The place I pre-ordered the VL 12 from doesn’t think it will be released until June!! :tired_face:

That may definitely be the deal killer.

Wow that is a bit of a downer, it seems like the prime series in general is being delayed.

Still waiting for engine prime to be released, which should be realised before the players surely…

Yup. Definitely a downer. I may scrap the order and look for a nice, used SL-1210MK5.

Well I went ahead and canceled my order. I wonder why it’s taking so long for this turntable to hit the streets? Production problems?

Hi Guys - I’ve reached out to the Denon DJ Product Team to get some more info to assist y’all - hang tight, will be back in touch soon

OK, here’s what we have officially -

  • I’m still waiting on full confirmation of the originally stated W&F figure.

  • The VL12 will ship with right angled RCA cables and IEC power cable too, so using the turntable in non-battle mode, and flush to another unit (mixer?), should be fine

  • The VL12 will ship in Q2 this year - as soon as I get a fully confirmed specific month/week etc, I’ll let you guys know

Hope this helps P.


Now THERE’S a real answer for ya :smiley:

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OK Guys - I have FINAL and actual confirmation of the VL12 Prime W&F figure: Actual measurement is <.05%

The confusion was due to a misprint in comms somehow - apologies for the confusion but the actual confirmed figure should be pleasing for y’all. Our website and other documentation is being adjusted accordingly too.

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I am a newbie to the forum. I have just joined the community and ordered mine from BAX Music. I will be using it for listening purposes only at home. Are you able to say any more on your set up and which cartridge you are using? Have you changed the Mat etc? Do you listen with the LED rings off and use low or high torq settings for listening?

How have you got on with yours? Have you noticed any platter wobble as reported in some Youtube Videos? This may affect F&W. One Youtuber thought there was a manufacturing problem with the platter which I hope has been rectified if it is the case.

I had to decide between the VL12 and Pioneer PLX1000 but after bad reports on the tonearm bearings, I have gone with the Denon being all original Denon design and manufacturing, not a Hanpin clone according to the advertising and videos I have watched. I have also thought that I coud spend the same amount or more on a 30-40-year-old SL1200 / 1210 and this has to be a beter bet (hopefully) for the money.

Sorry for all the questions I am waiting in anticipation for me new DJ VL12 Prime.

Thanks for your time.

Sorry you didn’t get any replies until now. Knowing Bax Music I am guessing you have gotten your own VL12 already.

As for your questions, I am mindful of social media commentary. Unless I know the source well and trust it, I really don’t put too much weight on that.

First, I think the VL12 comes with a slip mat, not the “traditional” heavy rubber mat that we all tossed aside as soon as we opened the box. So, unless you want a fancy mat that is personal for you, you should be good to go.

Cartridges has always been a highly personal choice. If looks matter, any “Concorde-style” cartridge beats the old square shell which I believe is also delivered with the VL12. The main practical value of those cartridges for me has always been that you have a very clear view of where the needle is. Since you can read vinyl, it helps if you can get the needle as close to where you want. Being able to see the needle without having to bend down is a blessing for your back. One thing you could never do with a concorde cartridge though was tape a quarter to it. So you were always set to be a bit more careful with them when doing heavy duty work with them. Then again, I never had a use for more than 3-5 grams of needle pressure.

If you just use it for listening, I’d personally turn off every light I could (including the pop-up needle light). Again, your choice.

As for torque setting, If all you do is put the vinyl down, set the needle, cue it up, then the low torque settings, which is about 1/4 turn to full speed I think, should work fine. If you are doing a lot of manipulation (scratching) the high torque setting might work better. I believe the low torque setting still is pretty strong from what I have seen playing on demo units.

Coming back to the Wow & Flutter, wobble and rumble issues, unless you have very sensitive hearing, the wobble, w&f have to be pretty severe to spoil your listening pleasure. As I said, trust your own ears. Try a few different vinyls and listen carefully.

Hope that helps a little. Lots of pleasure with your shiny new VL12!

I purchased the Denon DJ VL12 Prime for listening purposes also. Zu Audio, a hi-fi manufacturer of speakers, cables and modified Denon DL-103 moving coil cartridges, sell this turntable as a h-fi component. For the last two weeks, I have thoroughly enjoyed using this turntable in my home stereo system. I also auditioned the new Technics SL-1200GR, and I have to say that the Denon is as impressive as the Technics deck in terms of construction and sound quality.

And at a fraction of the cost :slight_smile:

I use Serato DVS with the VL12…I’m seeing W&F of 0.2 to 0.3 while mixing…very noticeable while mixing…need to platter sweep or nudge to get the beat match right…definitely can’t ride the pitch fader with this turntable…due to the Ginormous zero fader zone.

Have you tried also checking over-compensation by dragging or nudging the platter edge (not record) and checking how much the motor over-adjusts in the opposite direction of the manual input in magnitude and length of time?

I do the platter sweep on the side to pitch bend down and ‘nipple twist’ to pitch bend up. It does take some more effort than a 1200 turntable to make the fine pitch bend adjustments…I don’t know the length of time, but I just know by feel (due to the zero pitch gap) and by visual (the pitch percent on the Serato program) that it takes quite a bit more fine tuning on my part to get the mix just right because the pitch is fluttering up/down. It just feels different than other turntables I’ve used before. Even the Numark TTX didn’t feel like how the VL12 feels.

I’m just wondering how much your particular units’ motors are overcompensating compared to the videos that have shown the speed adjusting back in the opposite direction too much.