Worlds biggest SD Card 512GB

pondering this at the moment

Nope it’s not. And I would buy a renowned brand.

it is, the cards you listed are “coming soon” - integral is a renowed brand you just dont know it.

Fair enough.

Integral state that they have a sales office in my small country, but are clearly doing a bad job being renowned. SanDisk is renowned worldwide.

just looking for somewhere to keep my mostly unused collection and can just sit in the player.

when you do a search does it search all usb drives and media or just the source you selected?

I know Sandisk are about to launch (if they haven’t already) their 1TB Micro SD card. It’s pricey.

Integral. I’ve heard of them here in the UK. They are usually associated with USB sticks and seem okay.

I’ll usually go with Sandisk just for the sake if it. You can never tell which brand will hold-up though. My flatmate had a Sandisk in his phone that failed and it took everything with it. Apparently there was a dodgy batch that slipped though. He had a back up of sorts but still… even the big brands have failures. It’s really down to checking reviews and trusting companies with their technology.

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Just the ‘active’ source. So you’ll have to switch to/ select the ‘backup’ drive to search that.

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in that case i will get through with various media that i have lieing around and wait on a reasonably priced 1tb solution, thanks for that.

I do it myself sometimes. I have my main (normal usb 3.0) 1tb drive with something like 70.000 tracks. And for those specific nights I add extra to another pendrive, and switch back and forth with no problem.

Load a track from one source to Layer A, switch to Layer B and select another source, load and switch back to the main source again.

It works.

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this is where i came across this particular card

a bit of further digging tells me that they are legit

Ya can purchase 512GB Sandisk Micro SD’s from B&H Photo.

The 1TB will be available by end of summer. I have one of the 512’s. Great in a camera, but was siginificantly slower than using an SSD on the SC5000’s.

to conclude, i have purchased this card and plan to transfer from traktor soon and get out on the road with my new toys.

I can only see this being helpful when space is tight, really really tight. Where space isn’t super tight, ordinary usb pen drives would be ok really. No DJ booth would ever be so tight that a usb pen drive won’t fit… I hope

do you think denon had a card reader fitted to the players as a space saving measure?

From the outside, it looks like there’s space enough for a second full sized USB port on the front next to the existing USB port. But there’s no easy way of knowing what’s behind the front panel in terms of space.

I think denon probably put a bad card reader on it so that it gives everyone choice of input usb or sd

a bad card reader?

Autocorrect changed SD card reader to “Bad”

Im not sure of Denon’s particular reasoning. However, here is my use.

I have a 256GB SD Card in each of my two players. When connected in controller mode, you can access these sd card just like external drives connected to the computer. I sync my Denon Library with the drives (DNB in one and Hardcore on the other).

I leave them in there always. So, no matter where I am with the players, there is always a collection to fall back on. I can also just go in the studio, turn on, and jam without thinking. Its what I missed about playing inyl that I didn’t realize is what I missed about playing vinyl. Just being able to turn on and play.

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theres more uses than that, like backup collections, something always plugged in and emergencys, maybe hold all the garbage you never play etc etc