Working Traktor 3 mapping for SC5000 on both Mac and Windows

Yesterday I was completely amazed to find out Michael Mike Stepien did a full mapping of the SC5000 in Traktor Pro 3. I thought this would be impossible to do, thinking MIDI was still disabled on these players. He proved me wrong with this video:

It seems on a Macbook MIDI is just functional without drivers.

Edit: Michael has tested the same mapping on his Windows laptop and it’s working! When did Denon enable the Midi out function? And why did they not tell anybody about this? The players are recognized as a generic midi controller. Only the screen needs a special (not available yet) driver …


What a nice surprise!!! I hope that this become official soon … it’s very important to ex traktor users !!!


FYI - We announced controller mode support in SC5000 version 1.0.2 in September of 2017. :slight_smile:

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I have asked about MIDI support on various platforms. Always the answer was: not supported.

I have also emailed Denon about the MIDI support mentioned on page 9 and got the answer from Inmusic: “The Prime series is first and foremost a standalone system, then a Serato system. Support for other programs do come overtime, however, there is no timetable on when that support is available.”

Also I complained about the lack of MIDI support in various forums. I would have been satisfied with that, because I now use SC2900 in MIDI mode and could continue to use that until HID support for Traktor would enventually be impemented. I never heard back from anybody MIDI was already working (both users nor Denon).

So please do not tell me MIDI was enabled 1 year ago, without anybody ever telling me! That would be serious miscommunication from Denon.

Where can we find the MIDI command list ?

To use Primes as just midi buttons may not of be design as at any time.

It was actually designed to produce MIDI out. See page 9 of your manual. It was also designed to be a CDJ2000 killer, so it should at least have all the features that players have.

And yes, I know they are great stand-alone. I just also like the option to use Traktor (or any other DJ Software for that matter) with them.