Working on PRIME and Engine OS at the same time

Is it possible to work on the song files on the computer and have them updating on the controller synchronously?

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Short answer. No. Not yet possible, sorry.

But you could check the feature requests, and/or create one :wink:

Offcourse, accessing a disk using 2 host controllers together (a SC6000 and a computer for example) isn’t technically possible, and there isn’t much Denon can do about it. But there are other users who would like to use Prime as they use rekordbox: streaming a track from prime to the SC6000. That way, you can DJ and curate your collection on your laptop at once.

On the other hand, there are many feature requests which just ask for tracks to be edited on the decks themselves. Which has my personal preference, I want to lose the laptop live, but right now that still has some limitations.

What about using the Dropbox feature?

I could be mistaken as I haven’t tested the feature yet.

Work on your tracks in Dropbox, sync changes to the prime via Dropbox