With Engine, I love that I don't need to sync!

Everyone knows that with Rekordbox, you need to sync to USB in order to get your music onto CDJs. Denon is touting this workflow with Engine as well, by saying that the best experience is when managing your library using Engine Prime on a laptop.

However I find the workflow without sync to USB is a big revolution (for me, at least). And I wanted to acknowledge this by writing this topic

I just copy the MP3s manually onto my USB drive, using a laptop. Then directly on my SC5000, I do the importing, analyzing and managing tracks. The interface is super easy. Occasionally I need to fix ID3 tags or such, I switch back to my laptop and start Engine Prime. It’s so cool that Engine treats each drive/folder as its own library. Using Engine Prime on my laptop, it makes the changes directly to the library on the USB drive - no need to sync.

This workflow is also what prevents all tracks from being show twice in the collection: The library on my laptop is empty :slight_smile:

Is it only me that finds this workflow to be a revolution?

(If Rekordbox had this feature, one could plug your Rekordbox-USB in your friends laptop, and play on their DDJ-controller based setup. This you can currently only do if your friends have CDJ/XDJs.)


@mufasa and I are doing this workflow from the start.

With the SC6000 and Prime2/4, I just simply reboot into computer mode and access the internal SSD directly from Windows and Engine Prime.


The maximum of this way of operating in standalone will be obtained when they give us the possibility to edit the tracks directly on the console: modify TAGs, change :star: :star:, correct flexible grids, write names and set colors for HOTCUE and LOOP, in a few words succeed to do the same functions as Engine Prime on Engine OS.

On that day we will be able to say that the PRIME series is truly Standalone :heart:


Indeed. Bulk work would be on the computer. Otherwise all on the unit. Definitely aiming for that as well. Hope that will be sooner than later.

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Just don’t forget to have a backup clone.

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Indeed :smiley:

Yes I also use this workflow. It’s nice, but I really would like to be able to manage my library directly from the players, to get rid of the computer (did I hear standalone??).

For this to occur, we should be able to delete files in the pendrive, which is currently not possible. Hopefully one day we can get rid of the computer for managing libraries and just enjoy mixing music using uniquely the players!!

that’s not possible with engine prime either. you can delete from the collection but not the actual file.

not a big problem though since they’re using the open sqlite format so this can be done by a script.

Yes, same workflow for me from the beginning on. I do everything which is possible on the prime 4. Its more fun to do it on the prime 4… As it is not possible to sync/merge usb-device back to pc this is imho the only possible way.

Otherwise all changes done on the prime4 would be lost.

of course it is. just copy the “Engine Library” folder from the usb device to wherever your prime db is on the pc/mac.

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Thnx Joxani! You"re right. But in doin’ so, your master is alway switching from prime hardware to pc an back to prime hardware. I see no advantage. When Im working on the pc I first make a backup (zipping the whole Engine Prime folder) and then doin the changes on the USB-device. Otherwise we would need a merge possibility in both directions…

not sure what “master” you mean.

that’s not necessary. just a copy with a different name is enough.


O.k. A Master is the repository you making changes. When you have you repository on the stick and are making changes on the prime-hardware the repository changes. When you have the same repository on you pc and you are making changes on the pc than afterboth changes the repositories are out of sync and need to be merged what is currently not possible with engine prime. Rsync can (hope I’m right) sync single but whole files, but not merge changes inside a file. So for example when you change the rating from song ONE on the pc and for song TWO on the prime -hardware then both changes need to be taken. These changes are in the same file (on pc and on prime-hardware). When you take only one file - the file on the pc or the file on the prime-hardware (stick) than you would loose the other side… So you must decide which is the master for you that you make only changes on this master not to loose changes on the other repository. And of course - its not necessary to zip the repository - but - why not… :wink: The source-code versioning tools SVN or GIT for example are able to merge files, but of course only text-files. Not the data inside datafiles from databases like SQLITE (=Engine Prime Repository).

now i get what you mean and the solution is simple: just change one at a time and then copy it over.

Yes, you’re right! That was I meant with switching the master… You only need to be aware which copy is your current master… :blush:

exactly, that’s how i do it as well.

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Analyzing and preparing tracks on the device is truly a revelation, and I really hope Denon keeps building out this part of their approach. It’s way more fun and playful to do it this way, imo, and helps you get more and more comfortable with the device(s).


This workflow is the sole reason I kept contemplating getting the Denon decks. I wanted that feeling I used to get back in the day, when I would get a new package of vinyl in the mail, then would simply go to my Techs and just play them. No middleman (Rekordbox) software keeping me from immediately playing my tunes. This functionality is the Prime decks’ greatest feature in my opinion!!