Wishes for upcoming updates - Engine Prime


I´ll try to make a poll on what people consider as the most important things that needs focus from the Development-team on the Engine Prime, if possible.

  • Expand/Shrink beat markers to correct wrongly detected BPM. Tap only is not ideal
  • More control over where additional down beat markers are placed e.g. using the playhead line as a guide to place it
  • Batch halfing or doubling of BPM values. If double speed or half speed is calculated
  • Undefined BPM range analysis option
  • Save Beat jump value in Engine Prime. Going from track to track the value reverts back to 4
  • Remove Update coverart in settings, as this takes long time.

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If you need somethings in the poll, please PM me and I´ll add them.


Good stuff. I have placed my votes. Hopefully Denon tech department tracks this discussion.


Some small quality of life additions I’d like to see in Engine Prime software in the future are:

  • Metronome
  • Another column in the collection view that represents tracks I have already played in the current session
  • The option to Ignore incompatible drives in the devices section.


Few more things I’d like to add:

  • Prime doesn’t remember key, bpm or genre settings when navigating away, For example, I set compatible key to 6A and bpm to 120 in the filter list, as soon as I navigate away by clicking any crate they reset. I’d like them to stick.

  • A similar list/section just like Rekordbox where I can create my own tags and just go down a list of them and tick them depending on the Genre, Feel and elements in the track.

  • Reorder Crates

  • History that shows dates

  • Auto/Jump value remembered


I´m trying to make another poll soom - I have written @Chloe_DENONDJ to find a solution / to update the poll, a week ago …but no answers. I can see she have read my pm´s but nothing.

I´ll get back.


More to add to the wish-list:

  • The ability to lock & unlock cue points
  • Search within a particular crate/playlist only
  • I’d like to be able to flag tracks that go well together in EP. It would then show a compatible track icon next to the track in a crate or playlist.
  • increase/decrease font size in EP


Get rid of some of the bugs.

Update for the 8k as well please Can’t back folder sometimes, have to take stick out and reload. Not reading some sticks formatted correctly.

How about a duel wave in one window so you can see both tracks in a mix closer together


Keyboard shortcuts to nudge the track back and forward while beatgridding.


Seems a good number of voters are interested in better beat grid edit feature.

Over to you Denon.


would disagree @mufasa, only a few options to choose from and secondly only 10 people voted, some of them ticked each option…

To be honest I will just sit back and see which options will be added by Denon as many requests from 1.5yr ago are still not added so why bother putting in requests? TS = Engell did requested Denonstaff for support on updating this poll here also no support…


I was referring to the options in the current poll :sunglasses:

Remember this is a poll just for Engine Prime. Hardware request is not part of it.

Just looking at the lot they all seem very “doable”…I’m not a programmer.


Ah you are one on this topic who is to know that.


Hi all,

I haven´t forgotten about your wishes at all - but seems like @Chloe_DENONDJ has forgotten about my 2 mails to her, on how to update the list/ poll with the added requests… So I´m still waiting… And please LargoS - could we keep a sober tone? Thanks.


I was being the practical. So many sayings of “it will be easy to add my requested feature” when few here (include me) are not programmer and not denon programmers particular.

The easy (or hard) isn’t know to us.

The thinking of the first suggestion topic now stop working as it reached to a huge 500 posts makes a indication that there of hundreds of request features of wants.

If every one is thinking that they will get the request of them then some may not get their request feature. And then they would may moan


Playlist: Flexible Playlist Window / Or Screen on Screen with the Library like on the old "Denon DJ Music Manager ". Or Dragable Playlist Window, etc… but no Tabs! Playlist should be Lookable while a Crate will be created to sort Intime / meanwhile one will be created, and so on… PLEASE!

regards, Roland


a very important point is the MomoryCue “active loop” auto loop function so you can set the loop at the end of the track and when the point is reached the loop is automatically activated or stays in the record box or tractor pro … For the standalone operation a very important point for me … Please please add in the new update with.