Wireless Mic?

Which Wireless Mikrophone works without Problems on the Prime 4, please ?? Thanks for a Info !

When the forum staff get back from holiday break maybe they can start merging the dozen topics about mics on prime 4.

The prime 4 mic channel seems to have a gate on it. This means that when the person holding it isn’t making enough noise with their voice, then prime 4 thinks they’ve stopped speaking an switches off the mic signal until the person holding the mic DOES make enough noise over the background noise.

It’s like, if the person talks with enough volume to be 20% louder than the background, the prime 4 keeps the mic “live” and all is good. If though the person only sounds like 15% louder than the background then the prime 4 gates/closes down the mic channel until the person talks louder.

I can see how this would have been factory tested by professional users and passed testing with flying colors BUT… Firmware fix needed to allow those who are occasional mic users