Wired Mic On MC7000. Does it perform as expected

Hi There

I just want to know how well a wired mic sounds with the MC7000. Does it have any issues with like the old SX2 where the input was too hot or does it work as it should i.e as if it was a regular dj mixer.

Would particularly like to hear from anyone using Shure especially the Beta 58.

Thanks in advance

well i have a shure sm58 but wireless and yes the mic channel seems loud. as in i have to keep the volume like 1 - 1 1/2 but i do also have a wired samson mic and its hot also… hope that helps any

The mic outputs run very hot, the AKG D5S, which is a dynamic microphone like the Shure Beta58 has no issues wired. My wireless Shure BLX88 was a different story but with a Shure A15AS Switchable Attenuator I was able to adjust the gain and here much better. That solved my problem.

hello there it is a new firmarware to fix this