Wine Spilled on Controller

Somebody spilled wine on my controller on last gig and now the controller is acting funny… Does somebody can recommend something to help with the situation?

Let it dry out for a couple of days whilst switched off. If wine is in the faders then some switch cleaner may help.

Thanks so much for your help, unfortunately some of the features are still acting up. Do you know if there is like a reset switch to mfg specifications?

There’s no hard reset as such. If it is still acting up then the motherboard may be damaged. Best seek professional advice.

Sorry but that’s a really bad advice. Compounds in drinks will corrode electric contacts with prolonged exposure so by letting it dry you are just extending the amount of damage. Open the unit, clean the affected parts with isopropyl alcohol that evaporates quickly and when dry, lube moving parts (faders, knobs) with apropriate means.


Also, claim the cost from the person spilling the wine or from the venue. It’s in my contract.

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Hi @Johnr Sorry to hear about your controller. If your unit is still covered under warranty we would highly recommend that you do not open the unit yourself as this may void the warranty and instead contact the US service team and explain what issues you are having and discuss your options.

Denon DJ 200 Scenic View Drive Cumberland, RI 02864 United States Tel: (401) 658-5766 Fax: (401) 658-3640

I hope this helps and gets you back up and running ASAP.

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