Windows Machine Specs for Engine Prime

Did the Windows Machine Spec change? It seems the new version which will not run on my pc, requires an intel i5 processor running @ 2ghz. The machine that won’t run the new version is an intel i5 running at 1.6ghz but that machine ran the prior versions.

Still works over here on an Intel NUC with Celeron cpu and 8GB mem.

What is your processor speed? I have the nuc too with 8gb of ram.

Must be a .net or direct x dependency that’s not installed.

It’s a NUC6CAYH with a Celeron J3455. So 2.3 GHz.

Mine is the 515AYH or something like that. I still can’t believe the processor speed requirment would have changed with an incremental update but who knows. Hopefully someone from support will get back to me. I’m holding back on the firmware update on the decks until this gets sorted out.

Mello, Sorry you’re having issues. If it worked before, it should work with the new version. Could you describe what the actual problem is and if there is any error messages that pop up?

As for troubleshooting, I would first check to see if you graphics card drivers are up to date. If that doesn’t work - perhaps a call to Denon customer support would be the fastest way to resolve this issue.



Hello Vince,

Thanks for responding. I’ve updated the graphics drivers already with no luck.

What’s happening is during the application startup process in the initialization, the app just crashes back to the desktop. Will not run any further than that. So it seems what’s happening during that initialization at a certain point the app is not finding what it needs and crashes out. Prior version have run fine as I’m running ver 1.1.1 on the same pc now.

I’ve opened a ticket with support a couple of days ago but can’t do phone support as I work during the call hours. So this will have to be sorted out by email or private messaging.

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