Windows dont detect Prime 4

Hey everybodey, I’m not able to connect prime for in computer mode to serato. Denon Prime Control Panel says, that the hardware is connected but serato don’t find an device.

My computer is also not able to find my Prime 4 in Update mode. The windows updater says, that the device isn’t plugged in and control panel also don’t find the device.

When I plug the usb cable into my Laptop the connections sound works.

Got the driver from denon download site. (Windows 10)

Have you installed the driver and during that process, disconnected the controller? Install and then connect your controller.

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Thanks for your reply but this didnt worked.

I updated serato dj and now it recognizes the prime 4. But screen of the controller always shows the computer mode loading screen. Can just use is as midi.

OK. Try to restart your computer with no controller connected. After computer is up and running connect P4. Wait til P4 is in standalone mode. Go to Source and make it computer mode. Start Serato and it will function. I just did that on my windows computer and though it’s not activated for Serato I get the program functioning.

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Problem stays the same. Serato is running, controller is working. The screens of the jogwheels showing up the serato logo, but main screen stays in the searching mode.

Computer also don’t find any device while trying firmware update.

Maybe there is a technical problem with my controller. (Bought it yesterday.)

Ok. Try to get in contact with your supplier. They can help you with your problem or contact Denon and make ticket with their technical support. Or try a ticket with Serato. They are very helpful but they only during office hours. I usually use my Macbooks but I have it up and running on my Win10 computer.

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Thank you! Gonna do this