Windows 10 compatibility

The official MC6000MK2 page on the DenonDJ site says not compatible with Windows 10 (and I’m going to use Virtual DJ8). Has this changed? Has anyone else had problems or better yet … any work-around?

I believe the latest ASIO drivers do work in Win 10, however you can also use VDJ8 and WDM drivers no problem anyway.

I’ve used mine with Windows 10 many times over the last 3 years to do quick mixes. Absolutely no issues.

Hi, my mate is having problems with Windows 10 with Traktor and the MC6000mk2. It skips or pops and seems to be latency related. We ran latencymon on both his laptops to see what was causing it and it seems to relate to the denon driver. There is a Windows thing called “kernel mode driver framework runtime” (Wdf01000.sys). Is anyone else having this problem please? It’s doing exactly the same across both laptops which are identically set up. Windows 10 build 1703. (Latest) Traitor 2.11 (latest) Driver and firmware latest available from denon did website but the predates the creators update which is when these issues first appeared. An no we can’t roll back to before creators update as its now rolled into Windows in general.

Help! Thanks

Hi Dave, I had a similar problem with skips and pops … but with Virtual DJ 7 & 8 with the Denon MC6000mk2 ASIO drivers. Make sure antivirus, Internet and Windows updates are turned off. Of course, make sure all Windows notifications and sounds are turned off. But here’s what turned the tide for me: running the Denon usb cable directly to the laptop port (and NOT through any type of usb hub). You may have to to test a usb2 and usb3 port to get “peace”. It’s been beautiful working with the Denon controller since I got the usb thing straightened out. It was literally months of diagnosing, prior to that. 'Hope this helps in getting you back on track.