Will there be a 2.6 firmware update?

Will there be a 2.6 firmware update? If so, would there be any chance that we could save loops in standalone mode and change the phaser effect to flanger in that update? I know that the MCX8000 not a new controller, but I love it and so do a lot of users around the world.


There are a few bugs in 2.5 that must be solved so I suppose if they update to 2.6, as for new features I doubt it because from now on there will only be bug fixes for the mcx8000 according to denon, I would also like to be able to change the effects but I don’t think it will happen


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I go for the Reverb instead of the Flanger. But that’s just me. Any way that is not going to happen. Noise? that is just a wasted knob along with the other one, The Echo is the only good knob on the EFX section. I guess if you want more EFX you have to go SERATO…

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Yes, need new firmware because half of tracks still not marked as played with FW 2.5 even if played from first to last kick.

I’ve not tested this yet but history was sketchy on the previous firmware.

If it is the case I can’t understand how this could happen especially since there was a comprehensive beta testing regime in place prior to release?

Now on my MCX with FW 2.5 marked as played 5% more tracks than marked with previous FW. The system for selecting which track to mark and which not is incomprehensible, guess this system just not exist. I was try to play tracks from firt kick to automatic stop in end - a lot of tracks are not marked.