Will not recognize any USB after firmware update

After the 1.6.1 firmware update, my Prime 2 won’t recognize any USB device. I can’t play anything from Dropbox or any USB with files. What do I need to do to get the Prime 2 to recognize any USB or

Hello @hansgruver Welcome to the forum.

Re-export your music from engine prime to usb stick and should be fine.

I tried that exact step several time with several different USBs, Prime 2 still doesn’t recognize any USB. Thanks though. other ideas?

The data base has some changes after 1.6.0, what version is Your engine prime on the pc?

Updated to the most recent version on my Mac already but still no dice - prime 2 won’t recognize any USBs at all

Very strange… did You tried to reformat the usb drives? Try to format them with exFAT file system. Than export again and check what happens.