“Will NOT implement !” It’s appreciated

Things are really getting better and better with Denon DJ, I think.

Not just new Prime family hardware being shown but in more behind the scenes ways that only dedicated or observant users would notice.

There’s been the faster, and more Prime family linked firmware releases

More recent and faster releases of Engine Prime

Beta testing opportunities, some well managed open, and closed beta testing

And informative honesty from denon dj by them starting to add “Will not implement” with valid explanations, beside some of the impractical feature requests and suggestions.

Ok some people want a firmware release tomorrow that’ll add every requested feature, others will want a date and time that firmware with their request in will be released. However I think that managing expectations with the “Will not implement” will at least give people a “close the door on that idea” guidance about what has had to be ruled out from future firmware, and why.

Keep up the good works


I agree that the “Will Not Implement” section is great as it could clean up the Feature Requests, and give us an idea of what possible and not possible.

I look at it almost every day to see if any new stuff has been added to that category. I would love it if JWill or Nekoro, took one day out of their calendar and went through all the requests, and moved ALL the “not-gonna-happen” requests to this section. 49 days with nothing added, seems a bit to slow.

And yes, firmware releases are happening faster now than before. So thats great, but improvements should still be made in this area as well.

I still think that the overall “informative” level is too low (that is my opinion).

Finally I still have a feeling that you somehow have a more than normal personal interest in pointing out the ´oh so faboulous things´, but wont acknowledge the fact that someone has a negative experience, and therefor are a bit more reluctant.

But I must say that you have been getting better at not “attacking” those people lately, so thanks for that :pray: And I´m trying to practice not to be to negative myself as well - but its a result of seeing things going in the right direction. We all have different experiences and its important to remember that everyone is entitled the express those experiences. It´s pro equipment and some people have save money to buy this equipment for a long time - its an investment for them.

Anyways - yes, improvements are happening and that is great!

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It looks like You completely lost the point of the post. Please read it again and think why he posted this. That info is not just for Julianus, it’s for us all. So that we know what will be added to the prime update and what will not. This gives us (users and beta testers) much better view of what direction we are all going and what are our possibilities.


I also think so, very very slowly but better.

This “Will not implement” section for me is by far a REALLY appreciated section!! :smiley:

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