[WILL NOT IMPLEMENT] Custom Hotcue Colors Set in Engine Prime do not Match on MCX8000

  • Software or Firmware Version: all versions compatible with the MCX8000

  • Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Load and Play song in engine prime

  2. Set cue points and change the color

  3. Export to mcx8000

  4. Connect usb to mcx8000

  5. Load song

  • Expected Result: Song loads cue points with colors set in Engine Prime

  • Actual Result: the cue points are shown but with colors different from those defined in Engine Prime

  • Reproducibility: 100%

  • Other Relevant Configuration Info: Windows 10

You need to delete the .DDJMEMO folders on the target USB drivers before you run the export.

I have checked this with a totally empty memory, that is formatted and the problem persists

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This problem is seen in standalone mode. Engine Prime in the latest version of the error decreased, but not eliminated.

Hi @El_Corsario,

Thank you for the report. I’ve cleaned up the post a little bit to make the issue more clear for our engineers. We’ll take a look at this for the next MCX8000 firmware update.

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Hi @bayozi,

We looked into this and discovered that is not possible to do without causing severe performance issues on MCX8000 hardware. Based on that information, we have decided we will not be implementing this feature. It is is more important to maintain navigation speed and performance stability.

Our apologies but we hope you understand and respect our decision. Thank you.