Will MCX 8000 be able to import Rekordbox USB? (as SC5000 now does)

Hi people, I’m looking forward to buy an MCX8000, I really like it. I own a Pioneer RX currently, and I think the MCX8000 is really better, however, I rent DJ equipment and my clients (DJs) are used to play with rekordbox Usb, so that would be a deal breaker.

Are we counting with this feature in the near future? Or is it going to be exclusively for the SC5000?

Sounds nice but unfortunately because of hardware limitations od mcx8000 sounds extremely unrealistic. It has been stated here, repeatedly, that mcx8000does not have the hardware capable of taking advantage of Engine Prime features (beatgrids etc) let alone to read/convert another library format on the fly.

it has been stated numerous times that engine prime will be made available for the mcx 8000, but it will not have all the prime features, instead it will run in mcx mode for us