Will Engine OS be coming to the P4?

As the title states… or is it just for the new SC6000/M

The Prime 4, SC6000, SC5000 all run prime OS already


I totally messed up the title!

I meant Engine OS. If you take a look at the new SC6000 product page, at the top it says ‘powered by Engine OS’. Is this is rebrand and Engine OS will work with the P4 or a totally new software engine just for the SC6000/M model?

This is now the name of the new unified operating system there is more still to come so do keep your eyes peeled all the models will get new features at the same time :slight_smile:


I very much look forward to it! :slight_smile: Cheers.

I bet it’s library and track sync over WIFI on any prime device and Engine Sofware!

Nope I think it is at last Sync tranfer between Enfine Prime and Prime4/sc5-6000

I think there are more important things to solve and others that can be improved. Focusing now on that would be a waste of time that are not especially essential.

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Engine OS is on Prime SC5000, SC5000M and Prime 4 already. It is how the software is named for the devices. So for the Computer You have Engine Prime and Engine OS for the dj devices.

I stand corrected, I just couldn’t recall seeing the Engine OS branding anywhere before, just ‘firmware’, thanks mate.

Im very excited to see these new products. I doubt that Denon wouldn’t release these units without updating EP to have adjustable beat grids & better bpm detection. The sync feature will be very welcome too. Overall things are looking very promising!!

They announced the Prime 4 without making the changes to BPM or beatgrids a year ago so I’m not so sure.

https://www.enginedj.com/ provides an overview of both Engine Prime and Engine OS

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