WiFi connection issue - Wi-Fi Login Failed

Hi All, I am really enjoying using the streaming capabilities on the Prime 4, at least up until last night. I am running my Prime 4 with v1.5.2 upgrade. The unit locates the wifi network, I choose. my account, I populate the password box (with the correct password) the software then seeks to authenticate the password (spinning wheel) to connect, but then shows Wi-Fi Login Failed (Failed to connect to the Wi-Fi network). This has only just (15th Sept 20) started happening. The curious thing is the P4 happily logs in into my phone without issues. And other pieces of hardware are happily still connected to the wi-fi account. Any support would be truly appreciated. Thanks Tony

Hello, Did You tried first to select a usb stick or other music source before loging in to the streaming service?

Hi NoiseRiser, yes I did. USB. And Thanks for your response

OK, so there is a different problem here. Did You checked with other connections, like for example a wired connection to Your router, or wifi via a phone hot spot?

Once I could not connect wirelessly to my router for the 7/8 time I connected with my mobile hotspot, to see if it was a hardware or software fault. It connected perfectly (I was very impressed btw)

So there is something that is in the way between the Prime 4 and Your router… Check for best connectivity. Maybe put the Prime 4 closer to the router?

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I will do. Thanks

@NoiseRiser can we connect via lan? it’s not only to connect with resolume or sound switch?

Yes You can use wired connection for streaming services also.

Is the prime 4 working on 2.4 ghz only ? Since 2 days log in problems on the wifi network, therefore no problem at all

@DeHenk It works with both 2,4 GHz, 5 GHz as well with LAN. The range of the 5 GHz is less than 2,4 GHz range, but should also be faster when close enough to the router. Something that could occur is that the 2,4 connections show up quicker than the 5 GHz after power up, but 5 GHz is definitely available

When using 5GHz, with any device for that matter, it’s good practice to use the lower bands (up to 64).

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Last I knew the prime 4 does not support a wired Ethernet connection only WiFi.

It has both types of connections.

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Is there a setting to choose to be able to use a wired Ethernet connection I can’t seem to find it.

When I plug a Ethernet in the back of the prime 4 it don’t do anything. Am I missing something here

Like with your WiFi it will seek a DHCP server in your network. A router or firewall.

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Thank you so much

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It does support and nothing needs to be changed in the utility. Just plug in to Your home router/access point and let it log it self in to the network.

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Thanks you are rite. But this must be new in one of the updates because when I tried it before when I first got it in February it definitely did not work. Also tried it in March still didn’t work. I’m so happy it works now tho.