Wide pitch resolution and hiding BPM counter

Can I hide the moving waveforms and the BPM counters? And what’s the pitch resolution on Wide? Thank you.

The BPM counter and moving waveform can be both be hidden by pressing the [VIEW] button whilst a track is playing. This doesn’t affect the playback of the current track, but simply has the screen showing the library/track finding screen.

Trying several times, the lowest increment/decrement step that I was able to view by actuating the Pitch slider minutely, was 0.02.

Wow. True 14bit pitch resolution. Unprecedented in a standalone media player and comparable to the best MIDI direct in software. Kudos.

On the topic of hiding the BPM counter, does View blank out all the playing track information like time remaining, and the static, whole waveform, too? I’m more interested in the option of choosing which information is displayed on the main HUD than a solution like going to another screen. I would actually want to set it in Options and then lock these with Owner Privileges.

Exactly as you asked :slight_smile:

When pressing toggling the VIEW button, the screen changes over to the searching/library screen, but the important information of the Current Playing track title, time remaining, Key (so you know what key to select songs from next), and BPM (so you know what BPM songs to search for next), and the static version of the current tracks waveform is still displayed - this means that you can keep an eye on how much playing track you’ve got left, while you’re search for the next tune.

This attached photo shows the standard screen on the top half, with its lusious scrolling waveform etc. The lower half of the attached photo shows the view you have, after you press [View].

I guess that’s not too bad a solution, then. I’d prefer a lock-out feature, but I can’t have everything, I guess, unless I use a laptop. Any way to pick and choose the columns that show up under view?

Wait. I still see the track’s BPM not only in the View Browser column, but right next to key(115.0). I want track filename, time remaining, key, and current pitch to two decimal places, in addition to the static, whole waveform. And I don’t want to see BPM in the search columns, either. When I search for compatible tracks, I want it to find them, of course, based on BPM, among other things, but not prejudice my choosing of tracks based on whether they are very close or the same or not. I don’t want anything to distract from using my ears. A very simple press and hold and the display content disappears or have it in the options menu what shows up would be the best solution.

Is there an Owner Lockout on the SC5000 and X1800 in their settings?

You need duct tape, haha! Bro, there isn’t any DJing software out there that obscures BPM info. Even in Serato’s & Traktor’s, “Library” view, the BPM information is still displayed.


Very easy to make the BPM black and hidden in VDJ or just delete the line of code for it in the skin’s XML. Traktor has a whole page under Preferences - Decks for choosing what’s on screen. And all DJ software – every one I’m aware of – let’s you choose the columns under library/browser, including Serato, Traktor, VDJ, Deckadance, Torq, Torq 2, Mixxx, Mixvibes Cross, etc. I presume Pioneer Rekordbox DVS also allows column choices, but I uninstalled Rekordbox v3-on due to privacy issues. I only use Rekordbox 2.4.

Suggestion noted.