Why playlist created from Engine hardware don't synch to desktop main collection?


Here is something i don’t understand… We have this great feature in Engine OS to create a playlist from the player (during a gig or training), but we cannot synch them with Synch Manager from hardware to computer main library.

So i’m asking myself what’s the goal of this feature when we can just use the “Prepare” feature ?

Am i missing something ?

Yes, you are right, there is no way to sync it to the desktop.

That the “prepare” list automatically empties when you play the tracks in it. Instead, a playlist is always complete with its tracks, it can be sorted by key, BPM, etc.

We suggested being able to save the prepare list as if it were a playlist, thus taking advantage of the convenience of sending tracks to the prepare list but then being able to save it in a playlist. Take a look at this request and if you like it you can also rate it: THIS

Thanks AJ, i know that but for me, Prepare feature is just for some tracks that i’m going to play in a few minutes or a hour later. This is usefull when you see how people reacting on the dancefloor (so i tell myself, hum… i can also play some tracks that are not in the current playlist that i use, so i use Prepare function).

For example (i have a prime Go), i can prepare a set anywhere with this unit and also when i’m training. In my opinion, this is the real advantage of having a standalone unit, you don’t need a computer to work/build a new set/playlist.

When i realize that they don’t synch from my sd card, i don’t use this feature anymore and continue to work/build on my computer like all people do on other software, so what’s the advantage of Engine ? He’s supposed to be for standalone unit.

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I think there’s some confusion here.

You can sync playlists from the hardware to a PC using DJ Engine.

For me this happens automatically as soon as I plug in my SDD, but this is actually a bug that needs to be fixed.

In sync manager there is button to import playlist and track data from your external drive to the local machine.

PS. Managing playlists via the hardware is very buggy right now, so I don’t recommend it.

hi Rips,

I’m (only) talking about new playlists created directly from the hardware unit (with sounds that have already been synch on SD Card with Sync Manager from the desktop main library)

Yes, but the last time I tried to transfer a playlist created on the hardware from the remote drive to the local collection it appeared in the collection, but as soon as I disconnected the USB key the playlist disappeared. :wink:

This is not really what it means to “import” a playlist from the remote drive to the local collection. If a playlist is imported, it should always be visible even with the remote unit disconnected.

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You are right, I forgot about that issue because there are so many bugs in relation to playlist management right now. However, while testing this out I found a workaround, please see the steps below.

Fix for Engine DJ playlist disappearing after ejecting a drive:

  1. Create a playlist via Engine OS E.g. ‘Phat Beats’
  2. Fire up Engine DJ and connect the external drive
  3. Sync data from the external drive to Engine DJ
  4. Eject external drive (‘Phat Beats’ playlist will disappear)
  5. Create a new playlist via Engine DJ called ‘Phat Beats’
  6. Playlist reappears with tracks from steps 1 :grin:

NB. Step 4 may not be required due to Engine DJ’s current behaviour of automatically syncing playlist data from external drives upon connection.

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If we do not eject the external drive, we cannot create the new playlist “Phat beats” because it is already present (as the one residing on the external drive is shown).

If I don’t have the external drive connected, my new / copy playlist is empty. When I connect the external drive, then the tracks appear (which are present on the external drive).

EDIT: perhaps to make the tracks appear in the local collection, they must be present in the local collection but not be included in any playlist? As with the proof I did, I don’t have the tracks in the local collection. They are only on the external drive.

Hello, thanks for the tip, i will give it a try and let you know.

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I don’t think the software supports the workflow you have described. You should always have a primary collection on a PC with all your tracks; that acts as the source pool for the external drives.

However, it is tough to say how users should manage playlists when using both Engine DJ and OS for playlist management. The problem is that Denon did not realise the full implications of making Engine DJ treat all connected drives as a ‘unified collection’. This has created a very confusing user experience IMO.

I believe Denon is aware of the issue they have created, so hopefully, we will see a better collection management UX soon. :pray:


Sorry, that was a typo. It should say Engine DJ. I’ve updated the original post. :slight_smile: