Why not put all your music on the drive, before creating EP database?

I see a lot of people struggling with EP, having issues with packing and not being able to find their songs etc… I don’t have any of these problems that most complain about and I honestly believe it’s due to the way things are done. I know Denon recommend to do this a certain way, however I struggle to see a valid reason for doing it like this. Hence this post. So first…This is how I do it, I grab a usb drive, I format it & create some folders (deep, tech, progressive etc…) Then I fill those folders with the specific genre of that folder. Then I start up EP, add all that music on my usb drive to the EP collection by dragging each folder onto the collection tab, which creates crates with the same names as the folders (Bonus!!). Then I analyse all the songs - Done!! All my music is in folders the way I like it. I also have crates that correspond to my folder structure. I can search & find all my tracks, all my music is on my usb drive (coz I put it there!!). I find this super simple to do & it works a treat. So I have to put this question out there. Why on earth would you want to plug in an empty usb drive, then add all your music on the laptop to EP, then manually create & name crates (deep, tech, prog etc…) then sift through your music in the EP collection and add tracks to those crates, only to (hope) that Denon “packs” those tracks onto a usb drive correctly and in a completely unknown order / folder structure, that you’ll probably never be able to navigate through. Im putting this question out there coz I genuinely don’t see a reason for doing it the Denon way. Does it not make more sense to just add the music you want onto the stick yourself & in a folder structure / order that makes sense to you, whether using a pc or folder view on a Prime deck? Am I missing something?


Am I missing something

Cue points, loops, …

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I have my music also on an external (in case of SC5000) or the Prime4 drive, so databases are on those drives. Less confusing and if you change something on the device, it’s always there. No sync back etc.

If you need to import from other software you mean?

So I actually tried this as my Traktor collection was on an SD card and it did NOT work well at all.

  • I had a Traktor collection already completely on an external SD card.
  • I imported it into EP using the built in feature to get my cue points.
  • All is well, music is there + analyzed in EP I should be able to take the card out and put it in a player right?
  • It DID work at first and I was so happy
  • Over time the entire collection became corrupt “circular reference error id guess” and I had to delete my entire Engine .db and restart from scratch, I tried a few times but could never get it to work.

So even if it works for the first time, NO it is NOT BUILT to do this but I wish it was.

I don’t pack as well.

My entire Serato library is in an external drive. I’ve always used an external drive with serato even before I bought the Primes

I use the serato library import thing in Engine Prime and everything I need is imported. No need to pack as it’s the same drive.

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Anche io ho sempre fatto in questo modo e non ho mai avuto grandi problemi.

Two reasons.

  1. It works for every other DJ software that does this and Denon says it will work.

  2. You add songs later and then have to update.

Ok, I guess that makes sense, if you’re importing your collection from a dj software and have lots of cue points & loops then the Denon way would need to be used. Your 2nd point I don’t quite understand though. No matter which way you get your songs into EP, you will always have to update it when adding new music.